LOL: Even the WHITE HOUSE isn’t backing Hillary up!

Oh my…

Democrats were shocked when White House Press Secretary Josh Ernest did NOT politicize the FBI investigation!

Watch and enjoy…

From The Daily Caller:

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” — old Klingon proverb

Up until Friday afternoon, James Comey was the Democrats’ favorite lawman ever. He was Eliot Ness and John McClane and Commissioner Gordon all rolled into one. Now that he threatens to thwart their ambitions, they’re climbing over each other to be the one who condemns him the loudest.

So, you might expect that the leader of their party would follow suit. You might think that Obama would use the bully pulpit to knock down the latest hurdle keeping his team from dragging Grandma across the finish line.”

This week is going to be so fun 🙂