YIKES: Things get AWKWARD when MSNBC anchor insists that his guest supports Hillary

MSNBC had former Ohio Democratic state senator Nina Turner on TV and get in to huge fight with anchor Thomas Roberts over Hillary Clinton.

OMG this is the best video you’ll see all day!

MSNBC had a Bernie supporter on and things got awkward FAST when he kept trying to tell her that she supported Hillary LOL!

Watch below:

More from The Washington Free Beacon:

“A particularly awkward moment unfolded Monday on MSNBC when anchor Thomas Roberts insisted to Bernie Sanders backer Nina Turner that she had become a supporter of Hillary Clinton, to which Turner coolly replied they never had such a conversation.

It was unclear whether Roberts was mixing Turner up with another person or simply did not remember earlier interviews clearly.

Turner, a former Ohio Democratic state senator, was a strong supporter of Sanders during the Democratic primary and says she has not gotten behind Clinton’s candidacy. However, Roberts appeared to think she had been on his show before to discuss supporting Clinton over Donald Trump.

“I know that you were a super Bernie Sanders supporter,” Roberts said. “In light of this [email story] and the fact that did you get on board and back Hillary Clinton, does any of this make you regret that decision?”

Turner started interrupting before his question was over.

“Thomas. Thomas. I’m not backing anybody in this general election,” she said. “Let me clear that up right away. I am backing the American people. That’s who I’m backing.””



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