LOL: Ann Coulter had the TWEET OF THE NIGHT about Joe Kennedy

As we just reported, the Democrats are trotting out ANOTHER Kennedy to “save” their party, but that strategy is already off to a rocky start.

Joe Kennedy III gave a dark and awkward response to Trump’s State of the Union, and Twitter ripped him to shreds.

However, Ann Coulter had the tweet of the night hands down:

“Joe Kennedy is giving SOTU response. His father is the one who paralyzed the girl, NOT the one who was addicted to heroin”, tweeted Coulter.

Obviously, the Kennedy family has some interesting baggage that comes with the name, so apparently she just wanted to clear things up for the viewing audience. Coulter always has a way of putting together snarky tweets, but this one is a hall of fame. However, she wasn’t the only one who had something to say about Joe Kennedy…

Twitter also couldn’t help but rip Kennedy for his out-of-touch response:

What did you think about Kennedy’s response? Comment below…

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