LOL: Adam Schiff complains about “Russian Bots”, then he gets FLOODED with phone calls from Trump supporters

When Democrats open their eyes in the morning, Russia is the first thing on their mind. Russia is to blame for everything. Instead of taking responsibility for their own missteps, they will put the onus on a foreign country because apparently that is easier to do than realizing your mistakes.

Well, now Adam Schiff is blaming  “Russian Bots” for spreading the message about the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign, and his is getting inundated with phone calls from Trump supporters.

Within minutes of this “Russian Bot” conspiracy theory, his office began receiving thousands of calls from Trump supporters saying “I am not a Russian bot”. Apparently, they’ve been getting so many calls that they are beginning to immediately HANG UP on anyone who says that!

Here’s the letter that Schiff wrote to Facebook & Twitter about these so-called “Russian Bots”:

After seeing this, Trump supporters wanted to make their voices known. Apparently, Schiff’s office couldn’t take the heat:

Many Twitter users have tried this and have reported hilarious results:

If you’re not familiar with “#ReleaseTheMemo”, it is a campaign by Trump supporters to get Congress to release the memo about the FISA abuses against Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

According to some lawmakers, this scandal is WORSE THAN WATERGATE:

So, my fellow Trump supporters. If you want to have some fun at Adam Schiff’s expense, please call his office and say “I AM NOT A RUSSIAN BOT”.

They may hang up on you, but that is okay. LET THEM HAVE IT!

There are many different numbers that people are trying. Here are some of them:

(202) 225-4176

(818) 450-2900

Here are more hilarious results that people are getting:

Call them and tell them to RELEASE THE MEMO!

Also tell them that you are NOT A RUSSIAN BOT!