LOCK HER UP? Nancy Pelosi Gives Illegals ‘Tips’ On How To Avoid ICE Agents

Not that top Democrat Nancy Pelosi could ever be accused of putting the best interests of Americans first but on Thursday, she made it perfectly clear that she is siding with the lawbreakers.

Following a New York Times report that the Trump administration would begin the process of rounding up and deporting illegal immigrants who have received a final order of deportation, the liberal outrage machine roared to life.

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Even though the Times story had the usual fishy aroma of leaks attributed to unnamed sources, it gave Democrats an opening to defend illegals and presented Pelosi with an opportunity to distract from the civil war between her and AOC’s squad.

Then Pelosi took it to the next level when she tipped off the illegals on how to avoid ICE agents whose safety has already been imperiled by a shameless political left who has likened them to Nazis.

Via Politico, “Pelosi urges Dems to help counter Trump’s planned ICE raids”:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday warned her caucus about President Donald Trump’s planned immigration raids this weekend, urging members to spread information about undocumented immigrants’ legal rights.

Speaking to a closed-door whips meeting, Pelosi urged members to spread the party’s “know your rights” campaign, according to two people in the room. Democrats took the same approach earlier this year, when faced with the Department of Homeland Security’s initial threat of mass deportation raids

Those mass arrests, first reported by The New York Times, are expected to begin Sunday in nearly a dozen metro areas. The raids — which are backed by Trump — had initially been delayed after disagreements within the administration.

Pelosi also told members that she plans to reach out to religious leaders to encourage them to oppose the efforts, as she did last month when Trump first threatened the raids, one person said. Pelosi also spoke to Trump by phone last month and urged him to call off his plans.

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Pelosi’s internal nemesis also joined in using her public profile to aid and abet criminals:

It’s just another example of how Democrats and the American left no longer accept the legitimacy of the law, just like they refuse to accept election results out of spite for President Trump.

If any federal law enforcement agent ends up dead as a result of this disgusting political gangster-ism by the two most influential Democrats in Congress, then they should be held personally responsible.

What on God’s green earth has happened to the Democratic party?

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