LISTEN UP: Rush Limbaugh Believes This One Democrat Could Be ‘Very Dangerous’ To Trump In 2020

Rush Limbaugh, the conservative political commentator known as the pioneer of AM radio, has been talking A LOT about Kamala Harris. Now, he’s no stranger when it comes to mocking her. In fact, Real Clear Politics states that he “brought up Willie Brown’s affair with Kamala Harris decades before she became a U.S. Senator…” But now that the Democratic senator from California has announced that she is running for the presidency in 2020, this affair with a married man 30+ years her senior is coming to the forefront. So what does Rush REALLY think about her chances?

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Recently his views have appeared to have wavered. On one hand, his comments from his January 29th broadcast indicate negativity in her prospects:

So they sell her as something new and fresh and different, but it isn’t new, fresh, or different. It’s just the same. It’s already tried, it’s already worn out, it’s already proven to not work. It’s the same stuff Obama said, same stuff Hillary said, the same stuff repackaged in a different looking human being. And that’s the end of the difference.

And yet he’s also recently been quoted as saying that she could be “very dangerous” to Trump in 2020 as reported by Update America:

“Her voice sounds good, her intonation sounds good, voice is pleasant. The overall look, just the look was such there was nothing to pick apart, other than the substance, other than her ideology. And we know that [picking apart] didn’t work on Obama.”

And Rush Limbaugh is not the first person to compare her with Obama. Numerous leftist news media outlets have been all too excited to rave about all of the ways that they resemble each other. Here’s an example from the Washington Post:

The obvious similarities between Harris and Obama have attracted a lot of attention — they both are biracial, attorneys and senators whose personal narratives made them popular with the Democratic Party’s more progressive wing. And they both appear to be optimistic candidates who believe America’s best days lie ahead.

The news for Kamala isn’t all good news, though, especially given her record. Even the New York Times had to admit that her prospects, especially those with black voters, may not be as positive as one would think:

Yet interviews with more than 30 black voters and political leaders in early primary states like South Carolina and her home state, California, show that Ms. Harris faces challenges. She will have to persuade black activists skeptical of her record as a prosecutor; overcome sexism and a bias on the part of some voters that a female candidate cannot beat President Trump; and work to gain broader support from black men, who generally expressed more wariness about Ms. Harris in interviews than black women.

She would also need to win over left-leaning young black voters, some of whom were ultimately disenchanted by Mr. Obama’s presidency and may value political ideology more than racial solidarity.

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So does Kamala have a chance?  It seems like Rush may believe so, but she will still have a difficult time with an incumbent president who’s approval rating with black votes has skyrocketed over the last year, according to USA Today:

“Today’s @realDonaldTrump approval ratings among black voters: 36%,” Rasmussen said in a tweet. “This day last year: 19%.”

That is a staggeringly high number for a man who only won 8 percent of the African-American vote in 2016.

So is she REALLY that dangerous to Trump? Only time will tell.

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