Lindsey Graham Makes MONSTER Promise to America If Trump Wins In 2020, And Obama Will Hate It

A Trump win in 2020 means no more Obamacare.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just made that promise to the nation.

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From Breitbart:

Lindsey Graham said that Republicans will repeal Obamacare if Trump wins, the GOP keeps the Senate, and if the House Republicans take back the speaker’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

“If we can get the House back and keep our majority in the Senate, and President Trump wins reelection, I can promise you not only are we going to repeal Obamacare, we’re going to do it in a smart way where South Carolina will be the biggest winner,” Graham said in an interview with a local South Carolina radio station.

“We’ve got to remind people that we’re not for Obamacare,” Graham, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, said.

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Obamacare’s fate may actually be decided before the 2020 election.

In a nutshell, SCOTUS may soon determine, once and for all, if the ACA is illegal – as we all know it to be.

Here’s the scoop

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A federal appeals court on Wednesday granted a Trump administration request to expedite oral arguments in a case challenging the legality of the Affordable Care Act.

The new time frame — with arguments in early July — means that the fate of Obamacare could come before the Supreme Court next term, with an opinion rendered by June of 2020 in the heart of the presidential campaign.

As in 2016 and the 2018 midterms, health care has already emerged as a core issue, though there are fissures in both parties. Congressional Democrats have rallied around Obamacare, while some of the party’s presidential nominees are supporting “Medicare for All” plans that would offer universal, government-backed health coverage.

President Donald Trump, who campaigned in 2016 on repealing the law, has promised that Republicans will pass a “really great” health care plan after the 2020 election, although none has been proposed.


The administration last month sided with Republican-led states that are pushing for the law to be invalidated by the courts.

Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday he believes the Justice Department’s decision not to argue in favor of upholding the Affordable Care Act is a “defensible legal position to take.”

Initially, the Trump administration argued that two key provisions of the law that protect people with pre-existing conditions could no longer be defended, but the rest of the law could stand. But after a district court ruled in December 2018 that the entire law should be invalidated, the Justice Department changed its position and argues the district court ruling should be upheld in full.

As the administration debated its litigation strategy, Barr at first opposed to fully striking down the law. On Wednesday, he suggested that he is ready to back the administration’s position.

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Republicans can’tt rest on their laurels next November. Vote Trump or America loses, bottom line.