Liberal Hollywood Snubs Clint Eastwood Despite Hit Movie That Made Over $100 Million

Liberal Hollywood has totally snubbed actor Clint Eastwood despite his highly successful and profitable latest movie. Eastwood returned to the big screen after a six year hiatus and knocked back a case of delicious victory with his performance in “The Mule” – but he wasn’t one of the many Hollywood stars nominated for an Oscar, despite his amazing performance in the movie.

It’s possible that liberals in Hollywood couldn’t tolerate Eastwood’s character in “The Mule” as he portrayed someone who wasn’t very politically correct and had a few run-ins with a Mexican drug cartel. How dare an actor portray someone who is controversial in nature, then not be nominated for any Oscars because liberals didn’t like what his character in the movie said.

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“The Mule” received zero nominations for the Oscars.

On a scale of 0-10 of irrelevance, the Academy Awards is an 11.

Zachary Leeman has a theory behind the zero nominations:

One major reason for the film’s being overlooked could be that some left-leaning critics attacked it as racist for daring to have a story that involved Mexican cartels — and for highlighting a character who is far from politically correct. That was entirely realistic, though, for the main character in the film.

Another big reason is Eastwood’s politics. A self-described libertarian, Eastwood is one of the few outspoken right-leaning thinkers in Hollywood.

He’s managed to have an impressive career despite his politics — but in the age of Trump, Hollywood liberals can especially snub those with whom they disagree.

According to The Wrap, Eastwood’s movie has brought in over $100 million since it’s release:

The headlines of the holiday box office belonged to “Aquaman” while “Mary Poppins Returns” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” brought in family audiences. But farther down the charts, Clint Eastwood quietly left his own mark.

After opening a month ago to a $17.5 million launch, Warner Bros.’ “The Mule” has amassed a global total of $102 million against a budget of $50 million.

Is it any surprise that the movie “Vice” was up for several awards and directed by liberal Adam McKay?

Christian Bale may have summoned Satan to gather enough energy for his performance, but Clint Eastwood’s movie which was very successful can’t even get a nomination?

There’s something fishy going on with this and it smells like liberalism.

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