Liberal Hollywood Gets Embarrassed AGAIN After Golden Globe Ratings Released

Welcome to another year of embarrassing ratings for the Golden Globes and liberal Hollywood getting crushed for pushing their political agenda and still not learning a lesson.

Despite a 5.2 rating among adults from ages 18-49 and 18.6 million viewers, the Golden Globe awards still suffered a pretty important loss.

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The program was technically up 4% in their key demo after last year’s six year low, but they still dropped another 2% overall in total audience from last year.

Down, down, down, again.

To add insult to injury, the Golden Globes were aired directly after an NFL playoff game between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles.

That’s important because what usually happens is that shows aired after big playoff games often experience higher than normal ratings due to the audience remaining tuned in to the station.

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That didn’t happen for the Golden Globes, which shows just how people are tired of politics being mixed into their entertainment.

Deadline reported:

“While bucking the double digit viewership decline trend that has hobbled the likes of the Oscars, Emmys and Grammys in recent years and matching the demo debut of the short lived Roseanne revival of last March, there is little victory for the Globes to be claimed out of gaining virtually no traction last night. As we saw last year with Fox’s Wild Card game spillover programming lifting numbers for the other shows on the Rupert Murdoch owned nets or any Super Bowl post-game preview or launch, part of any broadcaster’s overall plan is have pro football’s still not inconsiderable muscle propelling the programming around it, even if if is mere scraps.

As peeved viewers in the Windy City processed the end of their teams playoff dreams and Philly fans celebrated, there was none of that lift for this year’s Globes – a reality that may concern NBC and producers dick clark productions going forward.”

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Hollywood also bashed Kevin Hart over a joke he stated years ago, pushing him out of hosting the Oscars.

Kevin Hart has been loved by many, but he made a single ‘gay joke’ on Twitter many years ago and was completely ostracized over it. Despite an apology and backing by Ellen DeGeneres, he was still chastised by the liberal mob mentality.

To make that worse, the beloved Ellen was then attacked.

In other words, Hollywood and liberals are eating themselves alive and perhaps they should relax. The liberal celebrities of Hollywood just don’t get it.

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