Laughable! Media Claims This Video Of Pelosi Endlessly Slurring Her Words Is DOCTORED

I don’t know what is more surprising; the fact that Nancy Pelosi slurring her speech is considered “news”, or that the media is now desperately trying to cover it up.

I mean, is this something that the masses really haven’t picked up on?

Regardless, the President happened to come across one of many video examples of Pelosi’s slurring and stammering, and he decided to tweet it to the world.

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Unfortunately, this particular video had some altering done to enhance the effects.

Take a look:

Embarrassing as it was for her, it was not nearly as humiliating as some of the other plethora of videos available on YouTube. Luckily, most people will probably never see any of them because, well, the media came to her rescue.

As reported by Newsbusters:

Cable news hosts spent Friday morning running damage control for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after the President tweeted a video mashup of her verbally stumbling at a press conference. Curiously, CNN and MSNBC parroted the language used by Pelosi’s own office in their efforts to discredit the video: “doctored.”

Between 6:00 a.m. and noon EDT on Friday, CNN and MSNBC hosts and journalists used the term “doctored video” 32 times. That term was attributed to Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff only once within the same time span.

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So now if you do a search on “Nancy Pelosi Slurring Speech” you’ll see a massive load of articles all claiming that Trump is showing fake videos, Nancy doesn’t really slur her speech, blah blah blah, rather than the actual videos.

But what was so wrong about the video that Trump tweeted?

Newsbusters continues:

The video tweeted by President Trump was a compilation that aired on Fox Business Network’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, depicting some of the Speaker’s verbal fumbles during a press conference. While certainly unflattering, that collection of disparate clips – mashed together, but otherwise unedited – could not be described accurately as “doctored” by any stretch of the imagination. A doctored video portrays a false reality, which the simple mashup did not do.

But after the Speaker’s office issued a statement lambasting the video as “doctored,” cable journalists obediently followed suit.

For example, host Stephanie Ruhle provided this incorrect synopsis during the 9:00 am EDT hour of MSNBC Live: “The fact that it’s a doctored video is exactly the issue. One more time, the President, sending out an edited video that’s simply not true, of the Speaker of the House.”

During that same hour on CNN Newsroom, co-host Poppy Harlow falsely alleged: “A video that is edited to look like something that it was not, posted on Twitter by the President of the United States.”

These inaccurate characterizations likely stemmed from the existence of a second, more deceptive clip of Speaker Pelosi that was making the rounds on social media. That arguably doctored video, which showed Pelosi speaking to Neera Tanden from the Center for American Progress, had been slowed down to give the impression that the Speaker was slurring her speech.

While hosts had more of a leg to stand on in alleging that this second video was “doctored,” they used the same language for the video President Trump tweeted – which amounted to false reporting.

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Shocker! The media, falsely reporting fake news?  Never!

Actually, one outlet did seem to do a better job of reporting facts, rather than spin, and they actually gave Trump a chance to respond to the accusation that the video he shared was “doctored.”

The incredible thing here is that the Democrats can’t see the grave that they have dug for Pelosi. They THINK that they’re helping her by spreading the lie that her speech is fine, and that all of the slurring is from “doctoring” which is utterly false.

Her speech and memory issues are well-known and well documented.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the hilarious parody video based on the weird things she says and does!

Click on the video below:

Yea, Pelosi is definitely on her way out.

What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comment section below!

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