Kirsten Gillibrand Bemoans Poll That Shows ‘Three White Guys’ Leading 2020 Dem Pack

With the Iowa caucuses less than two months away the contestants for the Democratic party nomination are steeling themselves for the battle in what promises to be a bruising contest that will feature some of the most radical politicians in America tearing each other to pieces for the 2020 nomination.

One such radical is New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand who has called for the abolishment of ICE and never misses an opportunity to engage in the politics of divisiveness, especially when it comes to playing the women’s card that worked out so well for Hillary Clinton.

The ambitious Gillibrand all but officially launched her campaign on CNN during a chat with former Obama administration toadie Van Jones and also used the forum to gripe over a recent poll that shows that the top three Dems are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Beto O’Rourke who are all (GASP!) white men.

Via The Hill, “Gillibrand says she’s worried about top options in Dem 2020 poll being white men”:

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said during a televised interview on Friday night that she was worried about a lack of diversity among top potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Gillibrand was asked by CNN’s Van Jones about a poll from the network released this week that found that the top three candidates for the Democratic nomination were white men.

The poll showed former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) as the top three potential 2020 Democratic candidates.

“In a party as diverse as ours, does it worry you to see the top three being white guys?” Jones asked Gillibrand, herself a potential presidential candidate, in front of the live audience.

“Yes,” Gillibrand responded.

It’s easy to understand why Gillibrand is immediately crying foul.

Biden is a former vice president, Bernie would have beaten Hillary fair and square for the 2016 nomination had the game not been rigged by the DNC and Beto is a media-created rock star who is adored by the critical celebrity thought leaders of the left.

Gillibrand has little star power and there are many in her own party who are still furious with her for shanking former colleague Al Franken in the back during the early days of the #MeToo hysteria when she called for the former “Saturday Night Live” comic’s resignation after allegations that he groped several women surfaced.

Franken was extremely popular with progressives and the lynch mob mentality that Gillibrand created that led to “Stuart Smalley” slinking back to Minnesota still has many holding a grudge, those are voters who the New Yorker is never going to win back.

She has quite a reputation for being a snake too.

President Trump drew the fury of the gender warriors for a 2017 tweet where he slammed her for throwing Franken under the bus to further her own ambitions and said that she “would do anything” for campaign contributions.

Gillibrand’s cynical and scummy exploitation of gender politics may sell well with the type of Hillary dead-enders who marched on Washington the day after Trump was inaugurated in their knitted pink ‘pussy” hats on behalf of the Women’s March which has serious issues with the anti-Semitism of leaders like Linda Sarsour and Tamika Mallory but it likely isn’t going to impress many outside of that particular demographic.

More bad news for the latest politician with aspirations to become the nations’ first female president?

The Des Moines Register just released a poll that shows that Biden and Sanders are far ahead of the field for the nomination at this early stage.

Where does Gillibrand place in the poll?

Good luck with that.