Kim Foxx Memo LEAKED, Wanted Examples Of Dropped Cases To Defend Decision Not To Charge Smollett

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and such was the case with Kim Foxx who found herself embroiled in the middle of the Jussie Smollett scandal.

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As reported by Page Six:

The Cook County State Attorney’s Office went into damage control on Wednesday after being criticized for dropping charges against actor Jussie Smollett, a report said.

Prosecutors were desperately searching for other cases where felony charges were dropped — similar to that of Smollett’s outcome, according to an internal email obtained by CBS 2 Chicago.

Here is the memo sent out:

Does this sound like someone who is desperate, and yet desperately trying NOT to sound desperate?

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Here’s more from Page Six:

The memo comes as State Attorney Kim Foxx on Wednesday denied that her office fixed the Smollett case by agreeing to drop the 16 counts of disorderly conduct against him. She insisted that he had been treated the same as thousands of other alleged low-level offenders.

“There are people who work out these types of arrangements on the very first day,” she told local radio station WBEZ.

Oh, but not so fast, Ms. Foxx. According to CWB Chicago, this is absolutely not true:

Foxx spokesperson Tandra Simonton claimed the Smollett resolution “is not a new or unusual practice.”

But Eric Sussman, who once served as Foxx’s top deputy, had a different take:  “I’ve never, ever seen anything like this.

If Smollett’s resolution “is available to all defendants” and “not a new or unusual practice,” then there are a bunch of people pleading guilty and saddling themselves with lifetime criminal records for no apparent reason.

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Additionally, Foxx was quoted as saying that there are MANY similar cases, so why would she need to send out a memo asking everyone to have their ASA’s search for them?

Foxx claimed her office has dealt with 5,700 felony cases through alternative prosecution since she took office in 2016.

Sounds a little suspicious, right? So CWB Chicago did a little investigating into some recent, similar cases and found a much different story:

CWBChicago researchers today located eight recent cases that align closely with Smollett’s. Like Smollett, each of these individuals had no prior adult criminal charges in Cook County. The alleged incidents took place in Chicago and were handled by Chicago police.

So what did they find?

As reported by Red State:

In each case outside of Smollett, only a single felony count was involved. If you read the details at the above link about each incident, you’ll see that all these cases are objectively less serious than Smollett’s. Despite that, every single one was made to plead guilty, given a criminal record, and though none were sentenced to jail (past initial incarceration), all of them had long probation periods and far more community service than Smollett. It’s also worth noting that the community service here is real, court ordered community service. Not a verbal wink and a nod where the defendant runs off to Jesse Jackson to get a note written.

Comparatively, Smollett had 16(!) felony counts against him. He didn’t have to plead guilty, received no probation, no criminal record, got a verbal deal, and his community service was non court ordered (which we just have to trust actually happened). His case was also dropped using an emergency hearing, which was not used in any of the other cases.

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Does that sound like justice?

Or does it sound like Smollett got special treatment because of his wealth and celebrity status?

Sounds to me like Kim Foxx has every reason to worry and may need to find creative ways to get out of a little jail time of her own.

What are your thoughts? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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