Just months after Islamic Terror attack, Ohio State students get lectured about ‘Islamophobia’


Donald Trump’s election didn’t mean it was going to be the “end” of political correctness in America on Day 1, and we are being reminded of that on a daily basis. After you read this story below, you’ll realize that we have a HELL of a lot more work to do.

Just months after an Islamic Terrorist drove through the school, mowing people down and stabbing them, the students are going to be lectured about the “Dangers of Islamophobia”. Yes, really.

More from The Daily Caller:

“After being subject to a terrorist attack by a Somali refugee student less than three months ago, Ohio State University (OSU) is hosting a lecture Monday night on the dangers of “Islamophobia.”

The College Fix reports that the university’s  Middle East Studies Center and Multicultural Center are jointly hosting a visit by author Nathan Lean, who will tell students about the “pernicious phenomenon” of Islamophobia that has reached “a fevered pitch” in American society.

Lean’s visit to the campus comes about three months after Somali refugee and Ohio State student Abdul Artan drove his car into a crowd of students and starting stabbing people before an OSU police officer shot him dead. Artan had identified himself as an al-Qaida supporter.

The author is in town to discuss his book “The Islamophobia Industry: How the Right Manufactures Fear of Muslims.”  Lean’s website is replete with positive reviews of his work: “Nathan Lean sees the values of cultural and religious pluralism as vital to the democratic life of any society,” claims the Middle East Policy Council. While The Muscat Daily notes that “Nathan’s writing on Islamophobia will shape our understanding of this subject for a long time to come.”

Lean writes of the “Islamophobia Industry” in his book and claims that the “fear” of Muslims “is so fierce in its grip on some populations that it drives them to do the unthinkable.”

Ohio State’s website says that Lean will assess “Islamophobia’s causes, consequences, and highlight some of the underlying dynamics that have animated it in recent history” while lecturing the students on how their misguided fear has reached “a fevered pitch.””

This is just flat out DISGUSTING. If anything, they should be learning more about the FLAWS OF ISLAM and how it openly promotes violence against the ‘infidels’!!