JUST IN: State Supreme Court Allows Sandy Hook Families to SUE Gun Manufacturer [Details]

You have to feel for any parent who loses a child. It’s just human nature.

What’s absolutely crazy is to allow said parents to sue gun manufacturers.

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That is literally the same thing as suing the fork company for making people overweight. There’s zero difference.

And yet, look what just happened in Connecticut…

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From The Daily Wire:

On Thursday, the Connecticut Supreme Court issued a remarkable ruling wherein it permitted to move forward a wrongful-death lawsuit filed by families of victims killed in the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. With the decision, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned the lower court’s dismissal and allowed one key aspect of the suit to proceed. But what makes the suit particularly noteworthy is whom it targets: Remington Outdoor Co., the maker of the rifle that was used in the tragic shooting.


The Connecticut Supreme Court did, however, dismiss several other of the plaintiffs’ claims. As The Journal notes, the only claim allowed to proceed is that against Remington’s marketing campaign, specifically. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act of 2005 (PLCAA), which The Daily Wire has reported on elsewhere, generally shields firearm manufacturers from direct legal liability for violence caused by a weapon absent a firearm dealer’s negligence or willful violation of another operative federal or state law.

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More from Wall Street Journal:

The ruling allows the plaintiffs to move forward with claims that Remington’s marketing campaigns violated Connecticut’s consumer-protection law, which prohibits advertising and marketing that is “immoral and unscrupulous.”

The plaintiffs alleged that Remington unlawfully promoted the rifle to young, civilian men as a weapon with awesome power and ideal for combat. …

The trade association for the firearms industry called the ruling a disappointment. “The majority’s decision today is at odds with all other state and federal appellate courts that have interpreted the scope of the exception,” the National Shooting Sports Foundation said in a statement.

Legal experts said the outcome could have broad ramifications. The decision could give victims of other shootings a legal road map for establishing liability against an industry that has faced little legal threat for more than a decade.

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This is nothing more than a liberal ploy to confiscate all guns in America.

If gun companies can’t make guns, then Americans can’t buy guns.

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Get it?

Will other states soon follow in Connecticut’s footsteps? Will a decision eventually go to the Supreme Court?

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This is exactly why it was imperative Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Thankfully, President Trump is reshaping the judiciary and placing Constitutionalists on the courts. Now, Americans had just better vote the right way, again, come 2020.

If not, more craziness will ensue and the nation will go backward – hard.

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