JUST IN: Anti-Trump CNN Host Don Lemon Was Just Sued By A Man for Sexual Assault

It hasn’t been a great few days for CNN hosts.

First, Chris Cuomo threatened to physically injure a man for calling him “Fredo.” Now, Don Lemon is being accused of sexual assault.

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Look out, Wolf Blitzer!

From Daily Wire:

CNN’s Don Lemon is reportedly being sued in Suffolk County by a man who claims that Lemon sexually assaulted him last summer at a Sag Harbor bar.

Dustin Hice, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, claims that Lemon assaulted him in July 2018 after he offered to buy Lemon a drink at the bar and Lemon declined.

According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by Mediaite, Lemon approached Hice later that night “and, after putting his hand down his shorts he ‘vigorously rubbed his genitalia” and “shoved his index and middle fingers into [Hice’s] mustache.'”

“Mr. Lemon intensely pushed his fingers against Plaintiff’s face under Plaintiff’s nose, forcing Plaintiff’s head to thrust backward as Defendant repeatedly asked Plaintiff “Do you like p**sy or d*ck?” the lawsuit states. “While saying this, Mr. Lemon continued to shove his fingers into Plaintiff’s face with aggression and hostility.”

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Lemon is as far-left as they come. Day in and day out, the CNN host will blast President Trump and his administration. Circumstances don’t matter.

Both Lemon and his network have an agenda. This isn’t a secret.

Don, apparently, doesn’t get it.


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Things keep going from bad to worse for CNN. The far-left, anti-Trump network continues to take a beating in the ratings.

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Here’s the scoop…

From Daily Wire:

The liberal network CNN plunged to 15th place in primetime over the last three months, losing nearly 20% of its viewership in the process.

The stats are striking when one compares CNN to Fox News. Fox has 2.4 million primetime viewers, CNN just 761,000. Total day numbers: Fox 1.32 million; CNN 541,000. Those numbers equate to a 2% drop for Fox News — but a whopping 18% plunge for CNN.

CNN’s best-rated show was “Cuomo Prime Time,” which came in at No. 25, but fell short of a million viewers at 936,000. Anderson Cooper drew 892,000 viewers, Don Lemon 833,000 viewers and Jake Tapper just 699,000.

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow’s ratings at MSNBC have also plunged. The liberal hostess pushed the Russia-Trump collusion for more than two years, but special counsel Robert Mueller’s report said there was insufficient evidence to prove the charge.

In May, Maddow’s show suffered its worst ratings since Trump took office, losing 500,000 viewers, Fox News reported.

Check out the words of a CNN guest who basically says every single supporter of President Trump is a white supremacist…

From NewsBusters:

On Thursday morning, CNN’s New Day continued the nearly week long “President Trump is a racist” media storm. One of the liberal journalist guests on the program went further, smearing all Trump supporters as racists.

The hosts turned to Tiffany Cross, the managing editor of The Beat DC, and it was clear that she went on the show with a mission: paint all Trump supporters as bigoted white supremacists:

But when you are backing a candidate who has made his entire campaign about white identity politics, about how white people are getting the short end of the stick, and he has backed that up with racist rhetoric, racist policies, racist action and this is the camp you’re in, then you do identify with some level of racism. You do fall in the category of white supremacy.