REPORT: Chinese bombers on “HIGH ALERT”…

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It seems that new stories are breaking every minute when it comes to North Korea, China & Russia. Now that North Korea has threatened the United States AGAIN, China has their bombers on “high alert”.

Full story from the Daily Caller News Foundation:

“The U.S. has detected signs that China is preparing for a military crisis on the peninsula, a U.S. defense official revealed Thursday.

China has put People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) land-attack, cruise-missile capable bombers “on high alert,” an official told CNN, adding that analysis suggests the Chinese military is moving to boost its military readiness possibly to “reduce the time to react to a North Korea contingency.”

Tensions on the Korean peninsula have been running high as the North continues to engage in provocative behavior in violation of international restrictions. North Korea has launched at least eight confirmed missiles since the start of the year, and its rhetoric continues to be particularly hostile.

The North threatened a “super-mighty preemptive strike” Thursday, warning that it could “wipe out” U.S. forces, as well as turn U.S. bases and the continental U.S. into a “pile of ashes.”

Reports on April 14 suggested China had put all five military regions on alert and instructed units to be ready to move in the event of a conflict. There were also reports that China moved 150,000 troops to the border in preparation for problems, however, there was no evidence to support those claims.

China keeps a contingency force of thousands of soldiers on the border.”

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As tensions rise, do you think President Trump should take more immediate action against Kim Jong Un?