Judge Jeanine: The ‘Rats Will Be Jumping Ship’ If McCabe Indicted

Judge Jeanine Pirro predicted that the possible indictment of former FBI deputy director Andrew “Andy” McCabe could set a chain of events into motion that could end with a bloodbath.

In an ominous development for McCabe, this week the Justice Department rejected an appeal from one of the top figures in the failed coup against President trump to stave off criminal prosecution.

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With the release of the hotly-anticipated DOJ Inspector General’s investigation into FISA abuse to spy on President Trump and his associates expected to come within weeks, it is McCabe who could be the first domino to fall.

During the Opening Statement segment of Saturday’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” the fiery host relished the idea that a McCabe indictment would lead to the rats “jumping ship” as his fellow plotters turn on one another to avoid prosecution.


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According to Judge Pirro:

For the longest time, many of us were convinced that there was a two-tiered system of justice where who you were and not what you did was the deciding factor in whether or not you were made to account for your actions.

They can laugh at Americans who believe in truth and justice, and they can laugh at the forgotten Americans who put the outsider president beholden to no one but us—in the oval office. But you cannot laugh at lady justice.

News that the first to fall will be Jim Comey’s deputy director of the FBI and then acting director of the FBI for lying to both the inspector general’s investigators as well as the FBI investigators, not once, not twice, but three times under oath. He lied to make himself look better. But he was even given the opportunity to recant his statements, something that three-star general Michael Flynn was not.

Andrew McCabe knew full well that he was a target of the Inspector General and of the FBI and thus he was on his guard, while Michael Flynn was not.

Just as I predicted in my book, the rats are jumping ship. Who will rat on whom? Who will points the finger and when? McCabe’s indictment will be the first of many in the attempted overthrow of the president and you will remember that it was Andrew McCabe who began the counterintelligence investigation against our president regarding that ole fake Russia collusion.

You know lady justice is blindfolded for a reason, the symbolism is clear. The law and its consequences must be delivered equally, without fear or favor.

Lady Justice doesn’t care about party affiliation, color or gender. She cares about corruption. She cares about law and order and when people at the highest levels of government choose to  change the rules, violate the law, leak information, unmask innocent Americans and seek warrants based upon unverified political opposition, lady justice will see through her blindfolds because America simply cannot afford to forget crimes that were a blueprint to frame a president of the United States.

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McCabe’s legal problems and twisted morality didn’t deter CNN from hiring him as the latest addition to their all-star team of Trump haters so don’t expect to see any real reporting on an indictment if it does happen.

As for Judge Pirro’s prediction, it isn’t going to take long for the rats to start to eat each other and her commentary when it happens will be must-see TV.

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