Judge Jeanine Drops The Gavel On “Lying Sack of Schiff” And Sham Impeachment

In a fiery condemnation of the Democrats and their sham impeachment, Judge Jeanine Pirro unloaded on the enemies of America with both barrels.

During the Opening Statement monologue of Saturday night’s edition of “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” the host was kicking ass and taking names and reserved her harshest judgment for impeachment commissar Adam Schiff.

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Or as she put it in her own inimitable way, the “Lying Sack of Schiff” who she blasted for his blatant distortions of the truth and his conniving during the Soviet-style persecution of President Trump.

In the ongoing effort to reverse the results of the 2016 election and meddle with the next one, Schiff has been put into God mode by Nancy Pelosi who is just delusional enough to believe that she herself has an outside shot at making history as the nation’s first female president if Trump and Mike Pence can be railroaded by the Dem-Deep State-Media Axis Of Evil.

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According to Judge Jeanine:

History has shown us that real impeachment is nothing like the partisan divide that we saw this week in Nancy Pelosi’s House vote to “formalize” procedures for the impeachment inquiry.

The vote was 232-196, strictly along party lines, two Democrats however defected and even voted with the Republicans.

It is so clear what is happening here, a vote to simply formalize the procedure is by far the least partisan vote, it’s benign.

If there were a scintilla of evidence of an impeachable offense, that vote would have crossed party lines as it did with Nixon and Clinton.

Prediction: complete and total failure ultimately in the Senate.

The Democrat players here ad dishonest, disingenuous and deceitful. Example: Nancy says I’ll only do this in a nonpartisan way…

SHE LIED! The woman is more than willing to impeach in a partisan way as well as to divide the country in her power grab from the rightful occupant of the oval office.

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Pirro continued…

And lying sack of Schiff is do dishonest that his law license should be revoked.

He lies about the so-called whistleblower, saying we never talked to him when he did! He perjures himself in Congress as he lies about what the president said on the Ukraine phone call.

He lied when he told us he had evidence of Russia collusion. he was cunning as he created a narrative about Ukraine while the Deep State cultivated the so-called whistleblower who reportedly is an Obama holdover who while not confirmed by Fox News has apparently worked with Joe Biden, John Brennan and Susan Rice.

Just like the Russian collusion delusion, these liars created yet another narrative so they can impeach Donald Trump.

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After whipping on the corrupt Dems for several more minutes, Judge Pirro topped it off:

The democrats are tearing this country apart. They are wusses, wimps and weasels. They don’t have the chutzpah to face Donald Trump in November, I don’t blame them. Because he’ll blow those wusses, wimps and weasels right out of the swampy water they call home.

Following the tour de force Opening Statement, Judge Jeanine scolded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise – who was nearly murdered by a Bernie Sanders supporter – over the lack of Republican fighting spirit in defending President Trump.

“With all due respect Congressman, you guys don’t fight the way the Democrats fight,”

“You had the goods when Obama wasn’t selling what he agreed to sell, and he was defending Russia when they’re taking out the defense system over the Ukraine. It’s frustrating for Americans to watch this.”


She is truly a national treasure and if Trump survives the coming public lynching, she would be a fitting replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court after he is reelected which would be the mother of all triggering events for the insane leftist hate mob.

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