JIG IS UP! Chicago Cops Break Actor’s ‘Hate Crime’ Story WIDE OPEN, Say It’s A Hoax (Details)

“This is MAGA country,” yelled the masked attackers after they beat gay, black actor Jussie Smollett.

Or did they?

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Mediaite is now reporting that Chicago police don’t believe Smollett’s story.

In fact, they think it is likely not true.

The current public stance of the Chicago police is that earlier this month, at 2 a.m. on a very cold Chicago night, Smollett was the victim of what appears to be a heinous hate crime where he was physically attacked by two men, and humiliated due to his race, homosexuality, and possibly his opposition to President Donald Trump. The Chicago media, in official reports, has largely treated that narrative as legitimate, while chronicling the complete lack of suspects and corroborating evidence as more of a frustration than any indication that something else might be going on here.

Behind the scenes, however, based on conversations I have had with multiple people covering the story, there is a radically different take on what really did happen to Smollett. In short, there is near unanimity among police sources that Smollett’s story is very likely not true. And that even the media outlets still regurgitating the current “party line” don’t really believe it.


It is very obvious that if one major news outlet in Chicago had the guts to be the first to openly discredit Smollett’s story, the others would soon follow the leader. But because the risk of being wrong in this situation (see Smollett’s PC Force Field), there is just no incentive to take that dive until and unless the police finally make a definitive statement.

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Smollett will be charged if he was caught lying, per Source:

Jussie Smollett is in the hot seat after there have been several reports that the openly gay actor may have possibly filed a false report to police. If that’s the case, the Chicago Police Department promises to charge Smollett for making a false police report in regards to the alleged hate crime perpetrated against him on January 29th.

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Chicago Tribune has more:

Detectives have reviewed camera surveillance at stores in hopes of finding images of who bought the rope used in a reported attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett late last month, according to Chicago police.

Chief police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the move is part of a broadening of the investigation. “Detectives have reviewed surveillance videos of the hotels in the area, traffic cameras and of retailers that may have sold the rope,’’ he said.

The rope Smollett said was used in the attack was rope with the thickness of a clothes or laundry line.

No arrests have been made and police still have not located or identified two “persons of interest” whose pictures were circulated by police, Guglielmi said.

Don’t kid yourself, this is a gigantic story if Jussie lied. The fact that anybody would make up such a horrific incident out of thin air speaks volumes about their character.

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However, it must be kept in mind that Smollett is still being treated as the victim and that’s the right call.

Innocent before proven guilty is still one of America’s greatest assets.

Ultimately, the truth will come out. For Jussie’s sake, he better have not lied to, well, the entire country!