Jake Tapper: “Trump is living rent free in Obama’s head” [VIDEO]


You know you’re REALLY under someone’s skin when they can’t stop talking about you, and that is exactly what Donald Trump has accomplished with President Obama.

Take a look at Jake Tapper make a hilarious comment about Trump & Obama:

More from the Daily Caller:

During a news conference in Canada Wednesday, President Barack Obama couldn’t help but slam the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump without mentioning him by name.

In recapping the lengthy press conference, CNN host Jake Tapper was stunned by President Obama’s prolific rants about Trump.

“It is one of the grandest ironies that a giant real estate developer in New York is currently living rent free in President Obama’s head,” Tapper said on his Wednesday show. “Whatever the topic is, President Obama is eager go after the presumptive presidential nominee whether or not the topic is ISIS after the Orlando shootings, or if the topic is trade, or in this case, the question was about clean energy and President Obama wanted to give a lesson as to what populism truly is.”

“Look, the elephant in the room in this entire press conference with three North American leaders was Donald Trump on every issue, including trade, which they all made a case for strengthening the TPP and for strengthening NAFTA, which Donald Trump wants to get out of. Hillary Clinton is now not a fan of either of those,” Borger told Tapper.

Sorry Obama, Trump is going to be in your head for a LOT longer than you expect! Why? Because he is going to BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT!

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