YIKES! Beto O’Rourke Gets PATHETIC Crowd To Show Up At His Latest Rally [PHOTOS]

Rising Democratic “star” Beto O’Rourke is experiencing the harsh reality of what it means to be a Presidential Democratic candidate in today’s day and age.

At a town hall event at the University of Iowa on Sunday, O’Rourke showed up to a ballroom that was barely half filled with only 120 people to see him. The worst part of the situation was that many of the people who were present at the event were not even supporters of O’Rourke considering high school students were at the event for an extra credit assignment.

A number of attendees remarked to the Washington Examiner that O’Rourke’s crowd was smaller than they anticipated, particularly in a city of 75,000 with a major university. The crowd was less than half the size of audiences drawn by O’Rourke’s rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, at similar events in smaller towns.

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Some high school students appeared to have ulterior motives for being there. Julian Wallace, 18, was clad in O’Rourke garb but told the Examiner that he was only wearing it as proof for an extra-credit assignment. His friend Aaron, 17, seemed to be sizing up the competition for his preferred candidate, saying he thought O’Rourke lacked the “big ideas” of former tech executive Andrew Yang.

Don’t believe me? Check out these photos of O’Rourke’s pathetic event.

Check out what the Washington Examiner reported in relation to the public opinion of the event. It’s pretty hilarious:

Others in attendance said they were there just to hear the perspective of other candidates. One woman in the audience asked O’Rourke how he planned to define himself from all the others in the race.

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“We’re shopping, we’re open to other candidates. Wanted to see Beto in person,” a woman named Kelly, who was in the crowd with her husband, told the Examiner.

One Iowa student even ran into O’Rourke in the bathroom before the event started — except the student asked him if he was there to hear O’Rourke speak.

“I was in the bathroom, minding my own business and I was washing my hands,” Matthew Rowland told the Iowa City Press Citizen. “And this guy asked me how it was going, and I said good, ‘How’s it going,’ going for some small talk,” before finding out that the man next to him in the bathroom was O’Rourke.

Even O’Rourke noticed how lame his event was. After the town hall was over, the Democratic candidate mentioned how there was a weak media presence. “I’m learning, I’m becoming a better candidate,” O’Rourke told reporters.“There are fewer members of the media as we’re leaving these events. I like that the ratio has changed a little bit as we have moved on, but I’m really struck by how kind people are, how seriously they take their responsibility to themselves and the rest of the country.”

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It’s becoming increasingly clear the Democratic Party is struggling when it comes to riling up the Democratic base. Unfortunately for them, they don’t and will never have the “Trump Touch.”

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