It’s On! Tulsi Gabbard Blasts Hillary For Defamation, Demands Retraction

Democrats may be quaking in their boots over a fear of the Clintons but not Tulsi Gabbard who is once again ready to throw down with the queen of warmongers.

The Hawaii congresswoman continues her longshot run for the party’s nomination and is quickly building a reputation as a fierce critic of everything that Bill and Hillary and the entire corrupt establishment stand for.

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In her latest assault on Medusa, Gabbard is lawyering up and demanding that Mrs. Clinton retract the disgusting and despicable statement that she was being groomed by Russia as a third party candidate for 2020.

Hillary impugned the Iraq war vet’s patriotism by essentially calling her a traitor – typical in these days of red-baiting hysteria – but was roasted on a spit and basted with a nice pineapple chutney by Gabbard.

Now Tulsi wants Hillary to formally retract her allegation and in a letter from her attorneys, demanded that she hold a press conference to do it.

This is not going to sit well with the most vicious woman in the history of American politics, a vengeful and resentful monster who has only gotten meaner since everyone but the leftist loons in California, New York and Chicago rejected her historic presidential bid in 2016.

Via The Hill, “Gabbard lawyers demand retraction of Clinton’s ‘defamation'”:

Lawyers representing Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) on Monday called on Hillary Clinton to retract her comments alleging that the 2020 presidential candidate was a favorite candidate of the Russians, accusing the 2016 Democratic nominee of defamation.

“Your statement is defamatory, and we demand that you retract it immediately,” Gabbard’s lawyer wrote in a letter, demanding that Clinton verbally retract the comments and post the retraction on Twitter.

Clinton’s spokesman declined to comment on the letter.

Clinton made the remarks last month on the “Campaign HQ” podcast.

“She’s the favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her, so far,” Clinton said, without referring to Gabbard by name.

Clinton also said “they” are grooming Gabbard to run as a third-party candidate against the eventual Democratic nominee.

A Clinton spokesman later said the former secretary of State had been referring to Republicans with the grooming comment.

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Gabbard’s legal team has requested that the “embodiment of corruption” and “personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic party” to include the following with her retraction of the defamatory statement:

On October 17, 2019, I made certain statements about Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard. Among other things, I accused her of being a Russian asset and that Russia was grooming her to be a third-party presidential candidate.

I was wrong. I never should have made these remarks, and I apologize. I did not have any basis for making the statements. I acknowledge my grave mistake and error in judgment in this matter.

I support and admire the work that Congresswoman Gabbard has done and will continue to do in serving our country.

Don’t expect anything from Team Hillary except even more contempt funneled through her corrupt media lickspittles who have been complicit in the three-years running propaganda and intimidation campaign to accuse any who oppose Clinton as members of Putin’s sleeper army.

Gabbard should sue the hell out of her in advance of Hillary’s inevitable entry into the 2020 primaries and by doing so, continue to be someone who Clinton has to go through for the nomination.

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