IT BEGINS: China Makes Clear Attempt To Influence Midterms, For The DEMOCRATS

A new batch of foreign interference right before the midterm elections has circulated in Iowa.

It’s a safe assumption we won’t be getting coverage from the mainstream media or the Democratic Party on this election interference. Why? Because it’s a well-timed attack on President Donald Trump and former Iowa governor, now United States Ambassador to China, Terry Branstad.

Democrat Fred Hubbell and incumbent Governor, a Republican Trump supporter, Kim Reynolds are currently battling in Iowa’s gubernatorial race.

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs reported in a thread of tweets, “CHINA sends a message to Trump and Ambassador Branstad by taking over 4 pages of Des Moines Register. Advertising supplement has ‘news’ on: —China buying soybeans from South America due to “trade row” —Xi Jinping’s “fun days in Iowa” —“Beijing can set an example for the world.”

She added some alarming information regarding who paid for the advertisement which is shaped to look like news,  “The advertisement, labeled as paid for by the ‘China Daily, and official publication of the People’s Republic of China’ is like a 4-page tweet from the Chinese government. It calls the trade war with Trump the ‘fruit of a president’s folly.”

Even worse, Jacobs noted: “In 15 years of covering Iowa news, I cannot recall the Chinese making a play like this. Certainly unprecedented for China to take out a four-page advertisement in the DMR.”

Iowa native and Senior Advisor to President Trump tweeted, “I’ve never seen Chinese Election interference with the help of the @DMRegister before. We now know China’s choice for Iowa governor, but @KimReynoldsIA is Iowa’s choice.”

As Goertz points out, China doesn’t want Kim Reynolds to be the governor of Iowa as she’s a supporter of President Trump. Rather, they’d like to see Democrat Fred Hubbell take down Keynolds in November. The race will come down to the wire as a recent poll shows Reynolds and Hubbell neck and neck.

This is blatantly appears to be China’s initiation of 2018 midterm election interference. This would’ve only been considered election interference if it was an attack on the Democrats, or if it was a Facebook ad or Twitter ‘bot’ saying those things apparently.

President Trump and China have spent months battling on trade and tariffs. Within the last week, the Trump Administration slapped China with $200 billion worth of tariffs. The Trump Administration is fighting to level the playing field of our massive trade deficit with China.

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