IRONY ALERT: Hillary Gets Chosen To Give Keynote Speech At Cyber Security Summit

Everyone thought it was satire at first, but no.

It’s no joke.

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Hillary Clinton has been selected to be the keynote speaker at a CYBER-SECURITY conference.

The announcement from FireEye stated, “We are pleased to announce that Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a featured keynote at our #FireEyeSummit in October! Secretary Clinton will engage in an intimate keynote discussion with Kevin Mandia.”

Can you believe it?  How dense can she be? Even the liberal media has reported on her national security blunders, and the lengths she went to in order to cover them up.

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As reported by PBS:

Hillary Clinton has faced cybersecurity concerns since before she began her second presidential campaign because of her use of a private email while secretary of state, which was connected to a home-based server not protected against intruders. When the news broke in March of 2015, she defended her choice as a matter of “convenience” and said she regretted the decision. She has also repeatedly testified that nothing marked classified was sent or received from the server, although investigations have shown eight documents included “top secret information,” 36 contained “secret information, and another eight included classified information (the lowest level of classification). Two thousand additional emails have been retroactively classified.

I understand that Hillary is probably finding it hard these days to rake in the cash that she was used to, but this just seems like political suicide.

Some Twitter users were merciless in their responses, like the following which states, “Um, Hillary Clinton keynoting a cyber security event makes about as much sense as Bill Clinton leading a marriage retreat.”

Or the following tweet which states, “What the hack? Hillary is to deliver keynote speech at cybersecurity summit in October. She’ll also take part in  a Q&A discussion on ‘geopolitical landscape and it’s implications for global cybersecurity today.’ Please direct your questions beforehand to her private email server.”

Then there’s the tweet that states, “Holy sh$t. Hillary Clinton being the keynote speaker at a conference devoted to [checks card] CYBER SECURITY is like the most ‘Democrats in 2019’ thing EVER.”

I think most people are shocked at the notion that Hillary would be so lacking in self-awareness that she would think that this would be a good idea.

How much are they paying her, anyways?  It must be substantial considering past scorn.

As reported by the Daily Caller:

Clinton was widely ridiculed during the campaign when she was asked whether she deleted any of the emails from her server.

“Like, with a cloth or something?” she asked in response to the question.

The FBI investigated Clinton for mishandling classified information, but she was not charged in the probe.

James Comey, who served as FBI director during the investigation, called Clinton’s use of the server “extremely careless.” He said it made more vulnerable to cyber attack by foreign powers, though investigators did not find evidence that the server was hacked.

I can see why no foreign power tried to hack her server, as none of them would assume that she could be so dumb. And yet she’s going to be a keynote speaker? At a cyber security conference?

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That would only make sense if they were talking about wiping servers, which she is obviously familiar with at this point.

As reported by the Federalist:

The maker of software that Hillary Clinton used to delete thousands of e-mails from the secret, unsanctioned server she used during her tenure as Secretary of State is now bragging about its role in obstructing federal law enforcement investigation of Clinton’s activities.

BleachBit bragged in a post on its website about how it helped “stifle” the federal investigation into whether Clinton broke multiple federal laws governing the handling of classified national security information.

Below you can see the infamous video where Clinton refuses to admit that she wiped her server, and when asked about it, uttered the phrase, “What, like with a cloth, or something?”

What was FireEye thinking with Hillary as their keynote?  Did they lose a bet? Let’s hope this stunt doesn’t end up putting them out of business…

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