IRONY: 2020 Dems Accuse Trump Of Promoting Conspiracies On The Conspiracy News Network

What could be more ironic than the cable “news” network that has spent years relentlessly hustling conspiracy theories about President Trump to devote a good chunk of their Sunday morning shows to attack their target for spreading conspiracy theories?

The irony was clearly lost on CNN which considering their three-year promotion of the moonbat idea that Trump and the Kremlin are in cahoots should be the last place to accuse the POTUS of such things.

And yet CNN – which should stand for Conspiracy News Network – ran interference for the Clintons after the ‘suicide’ of notorious pedophile and blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein on Saturday.

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Epstein who had long been linked to the Clintons – Bill took nearly two dozen trips on his airborne sex den “the Lolita Express” and partied on the private “orgy island” – had the goods on a number of top Democrats which were about to come out including on former Clinton cabinet member Bill Richardson.

But like so many who have run afoul of the Clinton crime family, Epstein turned up dead under mysterious circumstances when he perished while in federal custody; it was a strange twist of fate that has led to much skepticism.

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Including from Trump who on Saturday, retweeted the following [WARNING: SOME EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]:

And CNN went flat-out bat guano crazy with commentary from two of the more deranged members of the cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs 2020 Democrat field who savagely attacked Trump for the mere suggestion that the Clintons may have had something to do with the demise of the jailed billionaire pervert. All The Top Trump News WITHOUT The Liberal Censorship

According to Beto:

But it was Jake Tapper the DNC activist masquerading as a journalist who really got his knickers in a twist that anyone – let alone Trump – would even dream that the Clintons would be capable of such a monstrous act and he was joined by Spartacus.

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Via The Hill, “Jake Tapper calls out Trump for sharing ‘deranged’ and ‘insane’ conspiracy theory about Epstein death”:

CNN host Jake Tapper opened his show Sunday by calling out President Trump for promoting a “deranged” and “insane” conspiracy theory about the death of disgraced financier and accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who died from an apparent suicide over the weekend.

“The state of our union is appalled,” Tapper said on CNN’s “State of The Union.” “We begin this morning with a retweet from the president of the United States. Not a message about healing or uniting the country one week after two horrifying massacres, not about the victims of those tragedies. Instead President Trump using his massive Twitter platform to spread a deranged conspiracy theory tying the death of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in prison to the president’s former political rivals, the Clintons.”

“I’m not going to show you the tweets,” Tapper added, before later noting that Trump could “use his megaphone for anything. But the president often uses it to amplify that which is the worst of us: personal attacks, bigotry and insane conspiracy theories.”

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Oh God forbid that Tapper’s employer hasn’t been flogging “deranged” and “insane” conspiracy theories 24/7 ever since Trump pulled the rug out from under the Clinton restoration.

According to some reports, a lot of the names of those who visited Epstein’s mysterious Caribbean island were members of the media; perhaps some even work for CNN.

As for Epstein’s death? Let’s just say that Bill and Hillary didn’t exactly cry themselves to sleep last night.

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