INCREDIBLE: Here’s What George H.W. Bush Did When he Found Out A Little Boy Had Leukemia

A flashback takes us to 2013 when the 41st President of the United States shaved his head to support a young boy who was diagnosed with leukemia.

It was George H.W. Bush who found himself the main topic of numerous headlines when he showed his support for the 2-year-old son, Patrick, of a member of his Secret Service detail.

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Bush didn’t seem to think twice when he decided to go full shave. Lest we not forget, it was George and Barbara Bush who had lost their daughter Robin at an early age as well.

After seeing Bush shave his head, it sparked a moment where many of the Secret Service agents shaved their head as well. The support sparked by 41 was contagious and easily became a big story five years ago.

Today reported, “A lot of the agents shaved their head,” Bush, 89, told granddaughter and TODAY contributing correspondent Jenna Bush Hager at his house in Kennebunkport, Maine. “I said, ‘Well why not me?’ It was the right thing to do.”

The picture of Patrick sitting on the bald former president’s lap has gone viral.

Bush joined more than 20 Secret Service men in his unit in the act of solidarity.

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“They’re a wonderful group of people,” Bush said. “They’re like family with us.”

The Secret Service agent’s wife made a public statement in return of the support. The agent himself is not permitted to make public statement, but he didn’t have to.

His wife stated, “We are humbled and honored by the support and generosity that President and Mrs. Bush and our Secret Service family have shown towards our son… and are so very grateful for the outpouring of love and support from all over the country.”

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What did Barbara Bush think of her husband’s new hairdo? She said “I was shocked, surprised and thrilled,” she said. “But I think he looks beautiful and looks younger.”

The late president was even featured on CNN in a short news clip.

In light of the George H.W. Bush passing away this week, the Secret Service posted a special message for him, his supporters, and his friends and family.

“Everyone’s #TuesdayThoughts are on President Bush & we wanted to share a memory. In ’13, Timberwolf learned that the 2-year-old son of an agent on his detail was diagnosed with leukemia & the detail was going to shave their heads. You can see what happened, in classic 41 manner.”

The most recent photograph of George H.W. Bush and the Secret Service agent’s son, Patrick, shows their hair has grown back nicely over the years.

Reactions on social media were extremely supportive of the Secret Service and their post in memory of the late president.

“As a 9 year cancer-Free AML leukemia patient, it is amazing to see this kind of support from a public figure. He was certainly a wonderful person to those close to him.”

“This is what it’s all about, regardless of your party selection or views on government, President George H.W. Bush earned and has the respect of his fellow Americans. I myself have high regard and respect for this President, then and now. May he R.I.P.”

“He was one of our greatest Presidents. Patriotic, loyal, honest, strong, always showing integrity & confidence .Yet, he was a kind & loving father, husband, & grandfather. He was good for our country. But mostly, he was a good man. God Bless him as he joins ‘Bar’ & daughter.”

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