Impeachment Polls: Schiff Hearings Were A Total Disaster

Adam Schiff can now be credited with the most epic fail of all time, according to some.

In light of all the money spent to persuade the American public that it Trump should be impeached, the polls are in and they show that Schiff’s efforts were a massive failure.

And get this- it’s even being reported as such from the Liberals.

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Various liberal outlets are all now reporting the results of polls from Wednesday that show that Conservatives are still supporting the president, and Liberals are still crying impeachment.

In a nutshell, nothing has really changed.

From Huffington Post:

The poll was conducted starting Wednesday night, after a day of House hearings during which Gordon Sondland, the American ambassador to the European Union, testified that President Donald Trump engaged in a quid pro quo with aid to Ukraine. Republicans largely dismissed that testimony as meaningless, while Democrats heralded it as a bombshell ― a split that mirrors broader public opinion.

The public is nearly evenly split on whether Trump should be removed from office, the survey found, with 45% saying he should and 42% that he should not. That’s identical to the results of a survey taken a week earlier, and within the range of 44% to 48% shown in HuffPost/YouGov polling since late September. (Contrary to Trump’s tweet on Monday morning, polls do not show impeachment support “dropping like a rock,” although taken as a whole, they do suggest it has leveled off and may have ticked down from its peak.)

Americans say, 42% to 31%, that they think Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine in order to get the Ukrainian president to investigate the Biden family. Just 16% say doing so would be appropriate, with 26% calling it inappropriate but not impeachable, and 40% saying it’s an impeachable offense. The responses were little changed from the previous survey.

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Now it’s obvious that Never-Trumpers have wanted the president to be removed, well before they even gave him a chance.

But how many of them actually believe that he’s guilty of what Schiff is saying he did?

From Breibart:

Most telling, at least to me, is the fact that after all this, after all this gaslighting, the latest polling from HuffPost/YouGov shows only 42 percent of the public believe President Trump is guilty of what he is being accused of — withholding aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into Joe Biden.

Only 42 percent.

Two weeks of “historic” impeachment hearings, billions of corporate dollars funding endless hours of media propaganda, and only 42 percent believe what all of that gaslighting told them to believe.

That number is even more striking when you remember that 54 percent of the country did not vote for Trump in 2016…

Granted, only 31 percent believe Trump did not withhold aid in return for an investigation into Biden, but after all this, 26 percent are still unsure.

Not to belabor the point, but after two months of media propaganda and two weeks of impeachment hearings, a healthy majority of 57 either believe Trump is innocent or are unsure — and the “unsure” demographic certainly matters — if people are not convinced by now of Trump’s guilt, other than Trump having a breakdown and confessing, what will convince them?

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