“I Got Kicked Out of Class for Saying There’s 2 Genders” – Student Tells Tucker His Story [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson interviewed a student from Indiana University of Pennylania who got kicked out of this class for saying that there are only 2 genders.

Yes, this really happened.

The student, Lake Ingle told Tucker that his professor kicked him out of the classroom and then attempted to have him permanently banned.

Watch below:

Ingle reveals more from the incident in his Feb. 28 class titled “Special Topics In Christianity: Self, Sin, And Salvation”. The Professor, Downie, showed a Ted Talk by Paula Stone Williams, who is a transgender woman.

Ingle then challenged the class after they started talking about “white privilege”, “make sexism” and more. But the real “problem” was when he dared to say that there were only 2 genders. (Oh, the horror!)


Can you believe that this is happening in America in 2018? Sadly, this liberal venom is being spread throughout many colleges throughout our country – and it has to stop!

Here’s how Twitter responded:




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