DISGUSTING: Dem Congressman Goes Off The Rails, Calls Trump Supporters ‘A**holes’

Democratic New York congressman Sean Patrick Maloney launched into a disgusting expletive tirade on Wednesday, calling Trump supporters “a**holes” and saying he “doesn’t give a f***” when discussing listening to those who support the president.

As noted by The Daily Caller, Maloney’s chilling comments came during an interview about his “30 running town halls” — where he literally runs to an event each morning to “stay fit.”

While speaking to City & State New York reporter Jeff Coltin, Maloney was asked about a recent campaign ad he put out, where he compared Trump supporters to home invaders and described himself as having to use a baseball bat to defend his family.

Here’s his response to Coltin, who asked about Trump supporters being offended by the ad essentially labeling them as criminals:

“I don’t give a f*** what the Trump fans say. That’s not what this is about. This is about speaking from the heart. About a family I’ve built for 25 years that’s in the cross hairs of these a*****es. And doing something about it.”

“It feels like the people who are fueled by hate, demagoguery and anger have their s*** together, and those of us who want to talk about love and hope and inclusion have been hiding in the shadows. And it’s time to get out of the shadows and at least defend our ground. But I’d rather even get on offense.”

Watch the self-loathing ad below:

Coltin drew parallels to Maloney’s comments being eerily similar to the controversial ones made by Rep. Maxine Waters in June, where she urged people to publicly harass and confront Trump administration officials and supporters.

Maloney is running for New York’s attorney general, and he has made his resentment toward the president and his supporters very clear.

Many would agree there’s no way he can be fair and impartial, and he has no problem maligning part of his own constituency, either.

Media figures and liberal lawmakers have normalized such despicable language, where calling Trump or his supporters “deplorable,” “uneducated,” “stupid,” “toothless garbage people,” or “a**holes” has become common practice.

Many on the Left aren’t even trying to be civil.

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