HYSTERIA: DNC Chair Says Firing Sessions Is “Worse Than Watergate”

The firestorm that has erupted after President Trump ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday has set off yet another wave of hysteria that has cut short celebrations over the Democrats’ retaking the House in the midterm elections.

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Trump’s ire toward Sessions has been made clear by the president who regularly blasted the former senator for accepting the job and then, with the exception of immigration and the war on weed, turning over the Justice Department to the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who unleashed special counsel Robert Mueller.

With the Senate firmly in Republican hands after the party added enough seats to bolster its majority by at least three seats, Trump made his move and apparently told Sessions submit his letter of resignation.

The howls of outrage were immediate as the anti-Trump forces saw the naming of Mathew Whitaker as an interim boss at the DOJ as a threat to the Mueller operation. House Democrats vowed to add the Sessions firing to their growing list of investigations and the ridiculous and overused talking points comparing everything to Watergate were once again invoked.

One of those pushing the Watergate narrative is DNC head Tom Perez who many say has been a disaster in his official job but when it comes to dishing out the demagoguery to a friendly media, Obama’s former labor secretary is top-notch.


Via Breitbart News, “DNC Chair Perez: Trump Firing Sessions, Appointing Whitaker ‘Worse than Watergate’”:

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Live,” Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez said President Donald Trump removing Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointing Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general was “worse than” the Watergate scandal.

Perez said, “There’s a law, and there’s a test that applies to what he just did. The law is the Vacancies Reform Act. You can argue that it’s ambiguous whether he could do what he just did. There’s a test that is very unambiguous called the smell test. This doesn’t pass the smell test.”

He added, “I worked in the Justice Department starting with Bush 1. I’m proud of the work I did, starting in the late ’80s as a career prosecutor. The common practice, the custom, and it was well-informed, was when an attorney general left, you had a Senate-confirmed person in the seat so that you couldn’t have something happen like this. On a certain level, this is worse than Watergate because the Saturday Night Massacre, he kept firing Senate-confirmed people until he found Bork who was a Senate-confirmed person to do this. And the other thing about the privilege I had of working at the Department of Justice is we had a duty not only to seek justice but to ensure the appearance of justice, and this so violates that.”

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The problem with the Watergate comparisons is that the millennials, who the party has crafted their appeal towards, weren’t even born when the scandal that brought down Richard M. Nixon took place.

The only ones who continue to hammer it are Democrats and the media which continues to drag out the remnants of Carl Bernstein, the dashing young reporter who along with Bob Woodward actually broke the stories that ended a presidency.

And that was 46 years ago.

Is it any wonder why so many argue that the tone-deaf Democrats continue to lose elections?

VOTE NOW: Will Democrats Try To Impeach Trump In The House?