HUH? Beto O’Rourke Joins Massive 2020 Field With The Weirdest Announcement EVER

Today is the day that the heavily hyped entry of Robert “Beto” O’Rourke into the arena as a contestant to win the Democrat nomination and take on President Trump has become a reality and the media is predictably gushing over the eccentric Texan.

O’Rourke confirmed to a local news outlet via text message on Wednesday that he’s running. Then, he made it official at the crack of down on Thursday while on MSNBC? Very weird, low-key announcement for someone so keen on attention.

The 46-year-old was an unknown before his underdog campaign to unseat Republican incumbent Ted Cruz that was heavily backed by deep-pocketed California activists made him into a national name and with the support of Hollywood, O’Rourke gave Cruz a serious scare before narrowly losing in the deeply conservative state.

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But the establishment left had big plans for Beto (a nickname that he adopted to appeal to Hispanics)  who has been described in such glowing terms as “Kennedyesque” and “the white Obama” and after a quirky series of publicity stunts, Thursday is the day when O’Rourke made it official.

O’Rourke’s entry was preceded by the premiere of the HBO documentary Running With Beto at the SWSX festival as well as a sloppy love fest profile that was published in Vanity Fair.

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Via The Associated Press, “Beto O’Rourke announces 2020 Democratic presidential bid”:

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke formally announced Thursday that he’ll seek the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, ending months of intense speculation over whether he’d try to translate his newfound political celebrity into a White House bid.

Until he challenged Republican Sen. Ted Cruz last year, O’Rourke was little known outside his hometown of El Paso. But the Spanish-speaking 46-year-old former punk rocker became a sensation during a campaign that used grassroots organizing and social media savvy to mobilize young voters and minorities. He got within 3 percentage points of upsetting Cruz in the nation’s largest red state — and shattered national fundraising records in the process — immediately fueling chatter that he could have higher ambitions.

Now O’Rourke must prove whether the energy he brought to the Texas campaign will resonate on a much larger stage. For all the buzz associated with his candidacy, the former three-term congressman hasn’t demonstrated much skill in domestic or foreign policy. And, as a white man, he’s entering a field that has been celebrated for its diverse roster of women and people and color.

“This is going to be a positive campaign that seeks to bring out the very best from every single one of us, that seeks to unite a very divided country,” O’Rourke said in a video announcement with his wife on a couch. “We saw the power of this in Texas.”

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Like Obama before him, Beto is more of a brand than a candidate but despite being an empty suit with little charisma, he is adored by celebs like NBA superstar and Twitter civil rights hero LeBron James.

As the latest attraction in the circus of the 2020 Democratic party’s version of Survivor, Beto may be well positioned to take advantage of the candidates who have already committed to such crackpot ideas as socialism, reparations, and impeachment which may fire up the base but are guaranteed poison with moderates.

While Beto’s arrival as the latest savior from Trump will make him a constant presence on the talk show circuit, others are not impressed.

This is going to be entertaining to say the least, especially when Beto starts being called out for his white privilege which will be soon.

The Democrats should seriously consider trading in their clown car for a clown bus, they’re gonna need it.

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