House Dems Turning On Mueller, Preparing To Launch ‘Plan B’ Against Trump

It’s looking like special counsel Robert Mueller is just about to release his long-awaited report detailing sweeping investigations into President Trump and his associates with some reports indicating that it could come as early as next week.

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Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt media have been salivating over Mueller’s extra-constitutional fishing expedition as the one thing that will finally reverse the 2016 election, avenge Hillary and most importantly, provide “evidence” leading to Trump’s impeachment.

But a funny thing is now happening and that is there seems to be a good deal of downplaying of expectations that the report will have the smoking gun that will lead to Trump’s ouster and that the entire report may not even be publicly released – outside of the multitude of leaks that will inevitably occur.

In a sign that the Dems are losing faith in their savior, they are now moving beyond Mueller and planning to burn through millions of additional taxpayer dollars by clogging Congress with a boatload of their own investigations, tribunals and dog and pony shows that will have at least a passing resemblance to the infamous Moscow trials of the late 1930s.

That according to Rep. Ted Lieu who represents Beverly Hills and who on Wednesday, went on CNN to vow that no matter what Mueller’s report says, that Democrats plan on getting Trump one way or another in language that seems to be straight out of a third world country.

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Via Real Clear Politics, “Rep. Ted Lieu: If Mueller Exonerates Trump, “We Move On” To Other Investigations”:

In an interview Wednesday night with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Rep. Ted Lieu said that if and when Special Counsel Robert Mueller exonerates President Trump for Russia collusion, Democrats will “move on” to other investigations like those in Congress and the Southern District of New York.

“Let me first say this,” the California Democrat said. “It was a question I was asked a few months ago about what would be the best result for the Mueller probe. I had to think about that for a while and I concluded that the best possible result would be if Robert Mueller found Donald Trump completely innocent because I don’t want our president to have engaged in collusion with a foreign power, I just don’t want that.”

“Now, if the report comes out and exonerates Donald Trump, we move on,” he said. “If it doesn’t, if it basically says, hey, we would have indicted Donald Trump for these offenses, but for the fact that there’s a policy memo saying we can’t, then I think Congress has to really look at these issues and decide what to do with whatever offenses the Robert Mueller investigation reveals.”

“Separate from that, the House Judiciary Committee and other committees in Congress will investigate other aspects of potential wrongdoing, such as obstruction of justice, witness tampering, abuse of power,” he explained.

“Regardless of what Robert Mueller’s report shows, there are investigations by the Southern District of New York. There are state attorney general investigations. So, this is going to keep on going to make sure that all of the possible crimes that Donald Trump and his associates may have engaged in will be investigated,” he added.

After nearly two years and with a team stacked with partisan hacks, there is no way that Mueller’s report is going to “exonerate” the president.

So get ready for the ugliest two years ever because Dems have to find a way to take Trump out before the election considering their dismal field of crazy candidates.

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