Hillary Stooge Threatens To Primary Jerry Nadler For Not Moving Fast Enough On Impeachment

Tempers continue to boil over in the ranks of the resistance as House Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are reluctant to begin formal impeachment proceedings against President Trump, a futile demand for blood revenge over a lost election that the base is clamoring for.

While the House Judiciary Committee led by longtime Trump enemy Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) is conducting a mock impeachment hearing this week with the star witness being Watergate figure John Dean who is a convicted felon and a paid contributor for CNN, it’s not the real thing.

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One of those who is losing patience with Nadler and other top Democrats is the vicious Hillary Clinton lackey Peter Daou.

Daou has been a ferocious advocate of using impeachment to disenfranchise the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump and to avenge his former boss.

The Clinton stooge is furious over Dem leadership’s inaction on impeachment and put the cattle prod to Nadler with a threat to primary the entrenched career politician if he doesn’t get cracking.

Needless to say, Democrats want Trump impeached right now.

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Via The Washington Examiner, “Impeachment-hungry ex-Clinton aide eyes primary takedown of Nadler”:

A former aide to Hillary Clinton is fed up with Democratic leadership’s hesitation to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump and is openly considering a run against House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler.

Peter Daou, who led digital operations for Clinton’s 2008 campaign, railed against House leaders’ insistence to focus on investigations, not impeachment, during an interview Friday.

“This is not a time for half-measures. We are facing a threat we’ve never faced before — certainly within our lifetimes — and that’s an autocrat as a president, somebody who has no respect for the rule of law,” Daou told MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

“I don’t want to impugn the integrity of Speaker Pelosi or Representative Nadler … but they are failing colossally at this point,” Daou added.

Daou said that he believes “the Democratic Party leadership needs to change” and revealed that he is considering entering the primary for Nadler’s seat so he could “walk the talk.”

Daou urged Democrats to use their “inherent contempt power” to arrest those who defy subpoenas. Daou was referring to a constitutional authority granted to the House that allows them to “unilaterally arrest and detain an individual found to be ‘obstruct[ing] the performance of the duties of the legislature.’” This process has not been used since the 1930s.

Like Pelosi who just called for President Trump to be thrown into prison, Daou is also a serious authoritarian who seems to have little use for due process and the American system but a fondness for measures out of Joseph Stalin’s old Soviet Union.

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One important narrative that is being missed with the impeachment hysteria is that it serves his old boss Hillary very well in that it leaves the door cracked open for another presidential run.

This is something that Mrs. Clinton has not yet dismissed as a possibility and with the dismal array of choices that the Democrats have to offer, she could well swoop in late to steal the nomination.

But for that to happen, Trump will have to have been severely wounded by impeachment and/or the threat of legal peril. With a scoundrel like Daou slithering out this week, it could be a tipoff of what’s to come.

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