Hillary Clinton Accuses Trump Of Having A ‘Streak of Racism,’ ‘Whole Package Of Bigotry’

Hillary Clinton, without a whiff of self-awareness, is accusing President Donald Trump of being a bigot and racist.

During an interview with The Guardian, the twice failed presidential candidate said Trump has a long “streak of racism” and “the whole package of bigotry.”

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“This is a person who believes in very little, but he does have visceral responses to what goes on in the world around him. He does have a strong streak of racism that goes back to his early years,” Clinton said.

She added: “I include his anti-immigrant tirades because he characterizes immigrants in very racially derogatory ways, but he was Islamophobic, he was anti-women, he really had the whole package of bigotry that he was putting on offer to those who were intrigued and attracted to him.”

Clinton once referred to African-American youth as “super predators” and supported former President Bill Clinton’s policies that many argue resulted in African-Americans being unfairly targeted and jailed.

“He was, from the very first day of his campaign, raising the [specter] of criminal immigrants and the like. So the anti-immigrant piece coupled with things that he said, the kind of people who supported him, former Ku Klux Klan members and the like, the message that we called the dog whistle, was incredibly loud. It was: ‘I’m on your side because I don’t like the same people you don’t like. Or at least I’m going to say I don’t and that counts for something,’” Clinton complained.

Clinton went on to claim that Trump is creating an “alternative reality” because he has studied other “authoritarian regimes and how they manipulate and control people.”

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If anyone lives in an “alternative reality,” many would argue it’s Clinton, who is still beyond obsessed with becoming president.

Last month, Clinton said her husband’s affair with an intern in the White House, which led to his impeachment in the U.S. House of Representatives, was not an abuse of power.

She also argued that former President Bill Clinton, her husband, should not have resigned at the time.

Last month, Clinton ignited a firestorm online when she wore a “muumuu” to attack Trump.

Speaking at OzyFest in New York, Clinton insulted Americans, and said anyone who doesn’t believe Trump’s policies are hurting America isn’t “walking around with their eyes open.”

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Last month, Clinton appeared to imply that newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh will lead America back to the days of slavery. Clinton said Kavanaugh being on the Supreme Court will return the country to 1850 — when the atrocities of slavery were taking place.

In March, she speculated that Americans only voted for Trump because they “didn’t like black people getting rights.”

Clinton, who is obviously still deeply upset about her embarrassing loss in the election, is saying whatever she can to remain relevant.

And now, she’s accusing Trump of being a bigot and racist.

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