Brand new developments

After the clunky rollout of the GOP repeal-replace bill of ObamaCare, it appears that President Trump is going to give another crack at it!

According to Politico, the text of a NEW Healthcare bill will circulate by this weekend and a House vote will occur by the middle of next week!

Here’s the full scoop from Politico:

“The White House is pushing for another showdown vote on repealing Obamacare next week, to coincide with President Donald Trump hitting his 100-day milestone in office.

Legislative text of a new deal that could revive the House Republican bid to repeal Obamacare is likely to be circulated Friday “or by the weekend,” according to two senior White House officials, with an eye toward holding a House floor vote next Wednesday or Thursday.

The White House believes it is “close” to having the 216 votes needed to get a bill out of the House, one senior official said, but “people don’t want to commit without seeing the text.”

Trump has asked repeatedly — and sometimes several times a day — about the status of the health care law and seems more engaged than during last month’s failed effort to get Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act through the chamber, a senior administration official said. The president believes that it will be difficult to gain momentum on other issues without “getting something done on health care,” according to one person who spoke with him.

The flurry of activity just days before Congress returns to Washington aims to reunite the GOP behind Ryan’s embattled bill, offering concessions meant to win over the party’s moderate and conservative wings. It sets up an all-out sprint to make concrete progress on health care amid the specter of a government shutdown.”

If we can get the disastrous ObamaCare repealed and replaced with a free-market solution, our economy would BLAST OFF! Are you looking forward to this? Comment below…