Gun-Carrying Permits Reach Historic Levels

People waiting in line to order food while carrying guns.

With gun permits on the rise and 19% are women now, a site like this could become common.

Data shows that fatalities involving permit holders are rare.

carry permit with guy carring a gunwomen carry gun in store

A record 200,000 Minnesotans now have permits to carry handguns, an increasingly diverse group that includes two men who recently made split-second, life-altering decisions to fire their weapons.

In 2003, the year Minnesota passed its permit-to-carry law, 15,000 five-year permits were issued. The number issued annually then decreased for several years. But by 2014, 184,985 Minnesotans held permits. Today, one in 20 Minnesotans has a permit, 19 percent of them women.

Opponents had feared that the law would lead to a surge in shootings and gun deaths. But Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension data show that fatalities involving permit holders are rare.—

— “When they find out they don’t have an easy victim, they change their minds about pursuing a crime.”

No such scenario happened on a quiet St. Paul street on the night of July 31. Lavauntai Broadbent, 16, was killed after he brandished a handgun during an attempted robbery of a man and woman at Shadow Falls Park. The man, identified as K.L., drew his own gun — for which he had a carry permit — and shot Broadbent.

Robber shot and killed after he threatened to harm a man daughter on next page.

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