Gotcha: Now We Know Who’s Really Behind The “Parkland Students,” And Wow

Not long after the mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, far-left groups immediately exploited the tragedy to push for gun control.

After the attack in Parkland, Florida last month, a handful of liberal students had their profiles elevated after they began railing against the NRA, Republicans, and the Second Amendment.

The group of students also created an organization called “March For Our Lives,” which has had the help of top progressive groups who have been allied with former President Barack Obama.

It has been revealed that Everytown, former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords,, Planned Parenthood, and the Women’s March LA have all been helping the students with “strategy, funding, and logistics.”

They weren’t fooling Americans as many suspected this was taking place behind the scenes.

These anti-gun groups are doing all of the dirty work behind the scenes to set up rallies for March For Our Lives, and the students are being used as pawns to push their gun control measures.

As many in the mainstream media fail to report on this, it becomes disturbingly clear that the students are serving on the front lines for these progressive groups to erode the Second Amendment.

They are portraying President Donald Trump, Republicans, and the NRA as the culprits in the mass shooting despite no evidence to support that incompetent theory.

These same groups also joined the Obama administration for years to push for gun control measures as soon as a shooting occurred.

With the help of groups who seek to abolish the Second Amendment, the “Parkland Students” have been exposed for using Obama-allied groups to push their gun control narratives.

The liberal media may not report on this, but the American people won’t be fooled by these liberal activist groups who wants to take away Americans right to bear arms.

What do you think about these far-left groups and their gun-grabbing agenda?

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