GOOD GRIEF: Delusional Bernie Thinks Global Warming Is A Bigger Crisis Than Open Borders

President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Tuesday night regarding the government shutdown and the need for a stronger border along the southern border.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, responded by claiming that Trump is “creating an artificial crisis” regarding the border issues, but then doubled-down and stated that America’s “biggest crisis of all” could be climate change.

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Sanders admitted that Trump would be correct to put the nation in a state of emergency, then stated that the emergency was created by Trump himself.

Sanders then weaponized children in his argument against the president.

Watch below:

“It is inhumane that tiny children at the border have been torn away from their parents,” Sanders said before claiming that children who were part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program were victims of the president.

Sanders tripled-down, stating that he’s heartbroken over “11 million undocumented people” who might be concerned if they will be deported and separated from their family.

Sanders failed to mention fallen police officer Ronil Singh who was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant the day after Christmas.

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Instead, Sanders accused the president of trying to “create fear and hatred” for speaking of such incidences, and that the real crisis was not about our southern border, but instead, about health insurance, student loan debt, and workers earning “starvation wages,” among other issues.

Eventually, Sanders finally started to make his point about the weather.

“The scientific community has made it very clear in telling us that climate change is real and is causing devastating harm to our country and the entire planet,” he rambled.

Mother nature is more powerful than anything we can imagine.

We can’t stop the weather, but we can put a wall along the border to deter people from breaking in and committing crime in America.

We have enough criminals of our own, we don’t need them from other countries.

The family of Ronil Singh was permanently separated from their loved one thanks to an illegal immigrant criminal and Bernie Sanders is talking about the weather.

Let that sink in.

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