GO POTUS! Trump Just Helped A Philanthropist Give Away $30,000 To A Veteran

What does an internet philanthropist have to do to draw awareness to the benefits of internet philanthropy?

Apparently, all he has to do is challenge the already generous POTUS to retweet his Twitter request.

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As reported by CNS News:

Billionaire home builder Bill Pulte, who bills himself as “Twitter’s #1 Philanthropist,” is giving $30,000 to a needy veteran, thanks to a tweet by President Donald Trump.

Pulte, who is seeking to move philanthropy online, issued a Twitter challenge to Trump on Wednesday by promising to make the donation – if the president would retweet his tweet making the offer.

You can see his original challenge below:

“If @realDonaldTrump retweets this, I will give $30,000 to a Veteran on Twitter.”

So what was the POTUS to do?  Of course you know what he did. He retweeted it with his own message, in all caps, that you can see below:


Pulte, who is the grandson of the late billionaire William J. Pulte (founder of the PulteGroup, Inc.-NYSE: PHM) was making what he thought was a long shot, but was shocked when Trump actually accepted his request.

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Not only that, but Trump retweeted in just two hours from the original post.

Breibart reported on Pulte’s reaction:

“The president of the United States just retweeted our work – literally punched a hole in reality,” Pulte said in the video. “The president of the United States, with one tweet.”

Pulte added that Trump gave that much-needed boost for shifting the distribution of wealth from the government to rich people giving to those in need.

“I believe that the government should not be in the business, necessarily, of completely redistributing wealth. Right? We need the rich to be able to be benevolent and give back to people and do so in an immediate fashion,” Pulte said.

“And what the president of the United States just did tonight was he just gave us that avenue in. He, just, literally, punched a hole in reality and said, ‘We’re going to take philanthropy, and we’re going to move that online,’” Pulte continued.

You can see the self-video of Bill Pulte as he realizes that the President actually retweeted him by clicking HERE.

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As a man of his word, Pulte then tweeted a request asking for a video of any veteran who is in need so he can grant them a cool $30,000.

You can see that tweet below:

“Thanks to the US President @realDonaldTrump, I am now giving $30,000 to a veteran here on Twitter. To be considered, please post a video of your need. #TwitterPhilanthropy”

Even if the story ended there, it would have been a happy one. However, the most beautiful thing about this is that the giving did not stop there.

According to the self-video that Pulte posted, there were celebrities that also contacted him after seeing his post, and they also wanted to get in on the giving.

And guess who one of those celebrities was?

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It was none other than MAGA-hat-wearing Kanye West:

“Giving away $250k of Kanye West’s money here on Twitter Philanthropy. Submit your videos below for those who are in most need or those have have done a generous act for someone “TwitterPhilanthropyChallenge”

Know a Veteran that would benefit from some cash from generous philanthropists?

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