HERE WE GO: Major media outlets are already wanting HILLARY for 2020!

It has been said that the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result”, and that’s exactly what the liberal media is doing.

Apparently they didn’t learn from their mistakes in 2016, so they’re about to make the same one in 2020.

Salon, a major liberal media website that gets over 27 million visitors per month, is now calling on Democrats to nominate Crooked Hillary AGAIN in 2020, because they somehow think that she would beat President Trump if she had another shot at him. (Yes, really).

Salon begins their piece with some nasty, hateful rhetoric against all Republicans and Trump voters:

Are you sick of Republicans? Or just right-wingers in general? Do you want to send a message to Washington that you aren’t going to buy into their racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic and classist nonsense for one second longer?

They then lay out 4 reasons why Crooked Rotten Hillary “should be” the Democratic Nominee.

Their reasons include:

1) ‘Trump is Adolf Hitler” (yes, they actually wrote that)

2) Electing Hillary would “piss off misogynists”

3) Hillary “earned the right” to be the nominee with her popular vote numbers

4) And they can “expect” her to be a good President.

Isn’t it sad that this is considered “journalism” in 2017? The liberal media can stoop lower with every single news story, but little do they know that they will keep digging themselves into a greater hole.

Frankly, I would LOVE to see Crooked Hillary run again in 2020. Do you know who else would love to see it? President Trump! In fact, he recently tweeted about it:

Would YOU like to see Trump destroy Hillary again in 2020? Comment below…