GIVE UP: DNC Chair Goes NUTS, Says U.S. At ‘War’ With Russia, Claims Trump Is ‘Compromised’

Democrats have become so invested in the collusion delusion that they may no longer be capable of giving it up in order to focus on appealing to swing voters over real issues in time for next year’s critical elections.

The findings of special counsel Robert Mueller were supposed to bring closure to over two years of hysteria fueled by conspiracies that President Trump had the Kremlin’s assistance when he sprung the upset in 2016 and sunk the unbeatable Hillary Clinton.

But Mueller’s report delivered no such smoking gun linking the president to the Russians and just like when Hillary lost, the party is unwilling to accept reality and move on. Not only have the Dems and their activist shills in the media refused to accept Mueller’s exoneration of Trump but they are now tripling down on the debunked Trump-Russia connection.

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DNC Chairman Tom Perez went on CNN yesterday where he continued to flog the dead horse that Trump has been “compromised” by the Russians who at “war” with America with a diatribe that seemed to puzzle host Alisyn Camerota.

Via The Daily Wire, “DNC Chair Tom Perez: ‘We Are At War’ With Russia, Trump Is ‘Compromised'”:

Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez said on Thursday that the United States is currently “at war” with Russia and the “federal government is asleep at the switch” because President Donald Trump is “compromised.”

Perez said: “We are at war now. It is a cyber war. Unfortunately, because our commander in chief is compromised, the federal government is asleep at the switch. That’s why the DNC and others in the Democratic Party eco-system are working tirelessly to make sure we are protecting our data, we’re working with every campaign to provide cybersecurity training because we can’t expect help from the administration.”

Perez’s claim that Trump is “compromised” goes directly against what Special Counsel Robert Mueller said in his report on the Russia investigation.

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Perez reiterated that the party will continue to crackle with crazy and won’t be folding up their tinfoil hats anytime in the foreseeable future:

Here’s what I’m sticking with. This isn’t about right versus left. This is right versus wrong. A foreign adversary, Russia, they hacked the DNC and others. They did so with the intent to interfere with our presidential election.

What we said in the letter is when we have such activity, if someone calls you and tells you, I’m going to rob a bank, your response should be, I’m going to call the authorities.

When the Russians called Donald Trump and said, I have dirt on Hillary Clinton they should have called the authorities. Instead, they said, tell us what you’ve got. That’s not right. What we are seeing is we need to restore the basic institutions of our democracy. That should have been a lay-up. The Homeland Security Secretary wasn’t even allowed to bring it up.

We are at war. Our commander in chief is compromised and that’s a problem. That’s what we are trying to address.

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It sounds suspiciously like an effort to pre-blame another election loss on the Russians if Trump cruises to reelection which he will if this is all that Perez’s party has to offer in terms of real issues that matter to Americans.

The Democrat clown car is badly off track and on a course toward political oblivion.

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