Friendly Fire: Brennan Turns on Comey Even Though They Conspired Together

It appears that members of the D.C. swamp are beginning to turn on each other. Former CIA Chief John Brennan appears to now be turning on the “honorable patriot” and fired FBI Director James Comey.

In an interview, Brennan was recorded throwing James Comey along with the FBI under the bus. The unhinged swamp monster announced that the FBI was responsible for reviewing everything related to the FISA warrant application in an attempt to throw all the blame for potential wrongdoing at the FBI and not the CIA.

“It went through a rigorous due process within the FBI. It was approved by the FISA court, it went through all of those steps,” Brennan said on MSNBC.

Joe diGenova brought light to this growing problem surrounding James Comey and John Brennan on Laura Ingraham’s show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

DiGenova slammed those involved with the origins of the Russia investigation and specifically mentioned that fired FBI director James Comey and former CIA chief John Brennan should lawyer up.

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Joe diGenova: This is very serious business. For the first time I believe some of these guys are going to prison… Let me tell you something, Horowitz has already concluded that the final three FISAs were completely illegal. He’s now on the brink of finding that the first FISA was completely illegal. Durham has already used a grand jury in Connecticut. They’ve already gotten documents. He’s already talked to the intel people.

Laura Ingraham: How long has this been going on?

Joe diGenova: Durham’s been working for a couple months. The bottom line is this. This is now – big time! This is where Brennan needs five lawyers. Comey needs five lawyers.


Trey Gowdy also weighed in on the current situation on Monday while joining Sean Hannity on Fox News.

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“So whoever’s investigating this, tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016,” Gowdy said to Sean Hannity of Fox News, referring to Brennan and Comey.

Although Gowdy did not say exactly what was in these emails, the fact that he is coming forward and mentioning them speaks volumes. Gowdy also mentioned that the FBI say the author of the infamous Russia dossier, Christopher Steele, as an unreliable source.

“I think you’ll be surprised at whether or not they viewed Steele as being credible,” Gowdy also noted.

Gowdy went on to explain how the FBI held back important information in the FISA application used to spy on the Trump campaign.

“I can tell you it is even worse than what you described. It is what you described, in addition to the withholding of exculpatory information,” he said.

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“They made no effort to corroborate the dossier until after it had been used in the application and a renewal. No effort. It’s not that they failed, it’s that they made no effort to do it.”

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