Fox News Senior Political Analyst Mocks Acosta’s Return To The White House With Viral Photo

Weekend Co-Host of “Fox and Friends” and Fox News Senior Political Analyst Pete Hegseth tweeted a photo that most certainly will catch the eye of returning CNN senior White House Correspondant Jim Acosta. 

Acosta, was stripped of his media credentials last Tuesday following his on air spat with President Trump that resulted in the need for intervention by another staffer.

Acosta is known for his outburst and some would say he has earned a reputation by becoming the story rather than uncovering it.  Some call it grandstanding while others call it hard reporting.

His most recent incident which sent social media into a literal frenzy, began at a Presidential press conference.  The exchange which can be seen below shows Acosta interrupting, challenging, and attempting to over-talk President Trump.

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“I wanted to challenge you on one of the statements you made at the tail end of the campaign for the midterm elections,” Acosta began. “Here we go,” Trump replied, apparently bracing himself for Acosta to ask a leading question.

The incident ended when Trump summoned a staffer to take Acosta’s microphone after several requests.


Twitter erupted following the exchange:

Melissa Wrote: Jim Acosta’s press credentials must be revoked permanently! He put his hands on a woman. He has no right to be at the White House. CNN can send another fake news reporter

Jack Murphy Wrote: “Revoking cry baby Jim Acosta’s press credentials because he refused to follow directions is not an attack on the First Amendment.”

Following the revocation of Acosta’s credentials CNN filed charges against the Trump Administration.

“This is not a step we have taken lightly. But the White House action is unprecedented,” CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said in an internal memo to staff.

CNN Won the temporary preliminary injunction allowing Acosta the ability to temporarily return to the White House right away.


Following the news Hegseth tweeted a photo of a baby chair, saying “WH is Ready…” obviously referring to Acosta’s return.  The Photo has since gone viral on several media platforms sparking significant debate.

POLL: Would you choose ALEX JONES or JIM ACOSTA to get press credentials?

Hegseth’s tweet has garnered significant attention.

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