Fourth Grader In Tears After Teacher FORCES Boy to Wash Off Cross – On Ash Wednesday (Details)

Imagine if this fourth-grade boy was anything other than Christian.

Would his teacher have forced him to wash off a religious symbol?

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That was probably rhetorical.

From New York Post:

SALT LAKE CITY — A teacher in the predominantly Mormon state of Utah was placed on administrative leave after she forced a Catholic student to wash off the Ash Wednesday cross from his forehead.

William McLeod, 9, had just returned to his school near Salt Lake City after attending Catholic Mass when his fourth-grade teacher called the ash marking “inappropriate” and gave him a hand wipe to clean it off in front of his classmates, grandmother Karen Fisher said.

At first William explained that he couldn’t remove it because it was important for the beginning of Easter, but eventually obliged, Fisher said.


“He went to see the school’s psychologist crying,” said Fisher. “He was embarrassed.”

The incident at Valley View Elementary in Bountiful, Utah, is being taken very seriously and an investigation into whether disciplinary action will be levied against William’s teacher has been opened, said Davis School District spokesman Chris Williams. In the meantime, she isn’t teaching, he said.

“The actions were unacceptable,” Williams said. “No student should ever be asked or required to remove an ash cross from his or her forehead.”

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If this isn’t a form of religious persecution in American education, then what is?

“1984” is becoming more of a reality with each passing day, no matter how much conservatives do to combat it.

What’s next? Maybe Catholic kids won’t be allowed in public schools at all?

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Is that so far-fetched given tthe state of liberalism today?

Speaking of liberalism in schools…

Higher education is meant for learning and broadening one’s horizons. That much should be obvious.

Some college students at UCLA clearly believe it’s more of a time to highlight one’s liberal ways than anything else.

It’s no wonder, then, why a handful of young adults decided to sign a petition that would send Trump supporters to concentration camps.

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Think about that for a second.

Kaitlin Bennett went undercover.

I went undercover at @UCLA as a feminist named Jenna Talia and got students to sign a petition to put Trump supporters in concentration camps. Leftists are the REAL nazis.


If that’s not completely bonkers, nothing is.

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It’s too good.


By the time the left figures out what they are doing is wrong, it may be too late.

And then what? Will they keep pressing forward anyways?

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