Former Oil Exec Fires Back After Obama Took Credit For Energy Boom; ‘He Had Nothing To Do With It’

Former President Barack Obama’s belief that America owes its oil boom to him didn’t sit well with those who actually know the ins and outs of the energy industry.

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Take John Hofmeister, a former Shell Oil Company executive who currently serves as the CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy. As an industry expert, Hofmeister fails to understand Obama’s logic, or the lack thereof.

During an appearance this week on Fox News, he noted that while its true oil production increased throughout Obama’s term, it was a serendipitous side effect of something else.

“He had nothing to do with it,” Hofmeister said. “It was production in states like Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, North Dakota, in particular. And these were all state decisions made with industry applications for permits. The federal government had no role.”

“And if anything, he was trying to frustrate the efforts by taking federal lands off the availability list, putting them out with no more drilling,” he added, referencing Obama’s environmental radicalism.

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“He shut down the Gulf of Mexico for a period of six months. Changed the regulations from an average of 60 to 80 pages per permit to 600 to 800 pages per permit,” Hofmeister continued.

“He also never approved the Keystone XL pipeline after dangling the potential customers for eight years. And it was in the eighth year when he said ‘no Keystone pipeline.’ And so I would say he was not a leader when it comes to energy.”

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One of President Donald Trump’s first actions upon stepping into the White House was approving the long-delayed pipeline project.

The president has likewise axed Obama’s burdensome environmental regulations, rescinded bans on offshore drilling, and essentially revitalized the energy industry from top to bottom.

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As the left-wing extremist website Think Progress lamented last year, the president’s policies have been “exceeding the energy industry’s wildest dreams”:

The degree to which the Trump administration has pushed to reverse regulations on the oil, gas, and coal sectors has shocked even the most optimistic in the industry, according to a new report issued by the Center for Western Priorities.

“In the nine months since President Trump took office, the Department of the Interior has transformed from an agency balancing multiple uses on our public lands — leasing some lands for development while conserving others for future generations — to a rubber stamp for the oil, gas, and coal industries,” the Center for Western Priorities writes in the report. “To date, nearly all of the policy recommendations identified by energy interests have been acted on in some form.”

While the far-left website views these developments as a negative for America, they’ve in reality engendered massive success for the country, pushing the U.S. to an unprecedented level of energy independence.

Yet Obama is confident that all the successes seen under Trump can be attributed to him.

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“Suddenly America is the largest oil producer, that was me people … say thank you,” he boasted during a speech this week in Houston.


As one Twitter user pointed out, it’s as if “everything he says is exactly opposite of truth and reality.”

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