Former Intel Chair says Devin Nunes did NOTHING WRONG! “I’ve done that a thousand times…”

Well look what we have here…

Weeks ago, the liberal media was DEMANDING evidence that Trump was being surveilled before stepping into the White House. So, responding to their request, Devin Nunes says “I have some!”

After seeing that the evidence is damning for Obama, the media immediately started to call for him to step down (because that’s just what they do, folks).

But no matter what they say, we will always refer back to the EXPERTS on the situation. Now, a former House Intel chair has told the Daily Caller News Foundation that this is a routine thing and it’s “nothing new”.

Here’s their full report:

“There is nothing new about House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes leaving the panel’s secure room beneath the Capitol Building and heading to the White House complex or a related facility nearby to view raw intelligence, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

For years, intelligence committee chiefs have trekked to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue or to an intelligence agency to view such super sensitive intelligence material, because the congressional secure room can’t handle such material.

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Pete Hoekstra told TheDCNF that “if someone was going to present me with raw intelligence or unfinished intelligence or with intelligence which was designed for use by another part of the government, yeah, it’s very reasonable to expect that I would have to go somewhere else.” The Michigan Republican chaired the intelligence panel from 2004 to 2007.

Nunes has been harshly criticized by congressional Democrats for his decision to travel to the White House executive complex to view raw intelligence delivered by a whistleblower about allegations the Obama administration spied on then President-elect Donald Trump and his transition aides.

Nunes’ actions amount to collusion with the Trump White House, according to Democrats, led by California Democrat Adam Schiff, the intelligence committee’s ranking minority member.

Col. (Ret.) Jim Waurishuk, who served at the NSC, told TheDCNF such viewings are “routine,” especially at the White House complex.

“Speaking from my experience, I talked to members of both sides of the aisle,” he told TheDCNF. “I’ve done that a thousand times. I say that’s routine because that goes on all the time when you’re dealing with the intelligence committee or the armed services committees. We regularly obliged them. Cleared committee chairmen would go over the White House once or twice a week.””

There you have it folks! The media just didn’t like it because they hate Trump and anyone who proves him to be right.