Florida AG: A Murder Suspect Would Be Treated Better Than Kavanaugh

Now that the Democrats have successfully delayed the confirmation vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh yet again, one has to wonder what else that The Resistance has in their bag of dirty tricks.

On Friday, one of the most disgraceful weeks ever for the U.S. Senate came to a shocking end when Never Trumper Jeff Flake threw in with the opposition to force a postponement of the process in order to allow for an FBI investigation into the candidate’s background.

The spineless and vengeful Flake may have finally gotten his payback against a president who he loathes and thanks to his opposition to Donald Trump, he suffered the indignity of being forced to decline running for reelection next month.

Having no choice, the POTUS called for a “limited” FBI probe into the unprovable charges that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when both were in high school but as anyone who has seen the “limited” Robert Mueller witch hunt continue to expand for 18 months understands, there is good reason for skepticism.

Today the chances that Kavanaugh will ever sit on the Supreme Court are lower than ever thanks to spineless GOP senators and the fanaticism of the political left which in their thirst for vengeance over Hillary’s loss, have now inflicted a wound on the judicial system that may never heal and could lead to outright despotism.

Kavanaugh is the real victim here and instead of a job interview, he has been subjected to an inquisition in which he has been treated worse than a criminal.

At least that’s what Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi believes and during her appearance with Fox’s Sean Hannity, she let it rip.


Via the transcript:

Sean, I’ve never in my career as a prosecutor seen anything like this. My job is also to correct the rights of the accused as a prosecutor. And a criminal murder defendant in a court room charged with murder would be treated more fairly and with more respect than Brett Kavanaugh was treated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. That committee is one of the oldest committees and was formed to handle constitutional issues. So those people need to go back and read the preamble to the Constitution. They need to read the 5th Amendment, the 6th Amendment, the rights of the accused. They need to go talk to the ACLU! Because everything about Judge Kavanaugh, He had to come in there as a guilty person and prove his innocence. And I’ve never seen anything like it in my career.

Bondi is spot on but to the Democrats, the Constitution is nothing but an inconvenient piece of paper that will be fed into the shredder once they regain control of Congress and the White House which may sound like the stuff of nightmares but is a serious possibility if Republicans like Flake continue to frag their own troops.

Regardless of what is promised in terms of a “limited” FBI probe, it isn’t going to be accepted by the Democrats and the shadowy networks that have been funding this orchestrated campaign.

The week delay will allow for more accusers to be produced and there will be calls for the FBI to probe their stories as well.

Whatever his intentions may have been, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley opened Pandora’s Box on this grotesque travesty.