FLASHBACK: Millionaire Bernie Sanders Once Had Very HARSH WORDS For Millionaire Senators

Sen. Bernie Sanders is his own worst nightmare considering the socialist has proven himself to be a total hypocrite.

In 1971, Sanders referred to millionaire Senators as “immoral,” which is incredibly odd given he is a millionaire senator.

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Andrew Kaczynski and Nathan McDermott of CNN reported that Sanders “harshly criticized the wealth of US senators” at the time, “calling it ‘immoral’ that half the members of the Senate were millionaires.”

“Sanders’ decades-old comments, which were picked up in December 1971 by the Bennington Banner, a local Vermont newspaper, are resurfacing as the US senator from Vermont has acknowledged that he is now a millionaire in large part due to his 2016 best-selling book, ‘Our Revolution,'” the report also added.

The Sanders Campaign has admitted that these were the comments that Sanders made, but they deflected by saying that “Sanders believes elected officials should represent the interests of working people, not corporations, special interests or the ultra-wealthy.”

“This view has guided his work in politics, not the pursuit of personal wealth,” spokesman for Sanders Josh Orton added. “Senator Sanders’ family has been fortunate, and he is grateful for that because he knows the stress of economic insecurity. That is why he works every day to ensure every American has the basic necessities of life, including a livable wage, decent housing, health care and retirement security.”

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Check out what the Daily Wire reported:

Critics of CNN’s report on Sanders noted that the report highlighted that “taking inflation into account, $1 million in 1971 is nearly $6.2 million in 2019.”

CNN further noted that Sanders made the comments while he was running for Senate “under the banner of the Liberty Union Party, a self-described ‘radical political party’ that advocated nationalization of industries and redistribution of wealth to tackle inequality.”

Sanders, who owns three homes, has not dealt well when pressed about living by the policies that he has advocated for his entire political career.

Sanders doesn’t seem to like the fact that he is getting called out for his blatant hypocrisy.

During a Fox News Town Hall event in mid-April, Sanders got stumped when Fox News Host Bret Baier asked him the one simple question that we have all been wondering.

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“Your taxes do show that you are a millionaire,” Baier started. “You did make a million in 2016 and 2017. But your marginal tax rate was 26% because of President Trump’s tax cuts so why not say ‘I’m leading this revolution, I’m not going to take those [cuts]’”

This question really seemed to stump the radical socialist. “”Pfft…huuuu…come on….” he said at a loss for words.

He continued by completely ignoring the question and changing the topic to President Trump’s tax returns.

“I am, I paid the taxes that I owe…why don’t you get Donald Trump up here and ask him how much he pays in taxes.” he said.

One problem Bernie. Trump isn’t the one who is saying that he wants to tax the rich at a 90% rate… YOU ARE.

So why aren’t you offering 90% of what you make to the government considering it was YOUR idea to tax the top 1% at this rate and YOU are the top one percent?

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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