FLASHBACK: Dem Rep Who Called Trump ‘Motherf***er’ Was Arrested In 2018

Newly elected Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Michigan, who became famous for threatening impeachment of President Trump and for calling him a “motherf***er,” was arrested late last year while supporting a protest on union rights.

According to The Huffington Post, Tlaib was arrested October 2, 2018, in Detroit while participating in a pro-labor rally in support of union rights for all fast food workers.

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“You know I couldn’t go too easily,” Tlaib tweeted at the time after her arrest. “This is too important!”

“The right to organize and build unions in our country is how we fight back for good jobs and fair pay,” she added. “Unfortunately, many have sold us out to greedy corporations who want to take away that right. Not on my watch.”

James Woods was the first to remind the media of this incident, one that once again failed to see headlines following her vulgar rant against the president.

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Watch below:

Wood tweeted pics of Tlaib’s arrest with 3 question marks.

Tlaib is no stranger to the perp walk.

In 2016, she was also physically removed from a Trump rally by security staff.

As noted by WayneDupree.Com, “I didn’t know Rashida Tlaib was dragged out of a Trump Rally for causing a disturbance until I saw the photo above on the Twitter timeline of @Carolde.”

She wrote:

This is newly elected Michigan Congress woman Rashida Tliab being thrown out of a Trump rally in 2016 for causing a disturbance. The Trojan Horse has arrived. Better wake up America.

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Veteran and award winning talk show host Wayne Dupree may have put it best:

We may have reached a low point where our elected lawmakers are incapable of maintaining a public veneer of token civility. And if that’s the case, don’t expect restraint from citizens protesting in the streets. Shouting obscenities at each other might not be enough.

If you want to regain control of the country, encouraging this kind of rhetoric isn’t a winning strategy. It may play well to the crowd at the moment, but it doesn’t help to win people over at large, nor translate into coalition building.

It’s not that the profanity offends me so much as the immaturity and naiveté. Tlaib isn’t aware of the big picture. She’s not wise or sophisticated enough to realize how important it is to work together instead of trying to garner attention for herself.

But then again, this is the Democratic Party’s future.

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