BREAKING: FBI Makes A Huge Decision On Secret Kavanaugh Documents Sent By Sen. Feinstein

Earlier today news broke that Senator Diane Feinstein sent over “secret” documents to be reviewed in reference to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh and before the day ended, the FBI responded.

Matt Zapotosky of The Washington Post quoted an FBI official as saying: “Upon receipt of the information on the night of September 12, we included it as part of Judge Kavanaugh’s background file, as per the standard process.” He also reported that the agency was not opening a criminal investigation into what Kavanaugh may or may not have done as a high school student.

In a subsequent tweet, Zapotosky explained in more detail the inclusion of the allegations in Kavanaugh’s background file. It read in part:

The FBI backgrounds White House employees and nominees, & gives the White House a file on what they’ve found. But the FBI doesn’t decide whether the person gets a job/nomination. See the full tweet below

Kavanaugh has already received a background check, which was provided to the White House. Feinstein then gave them the information that she had allegedly received back in July, but wouldn’t share with even her fellow Democrats until after all questions and interviews with Kavanaugh were conducted. They then passed the info along to the White House.

Zapotosky ends his tweet thread by suggesting that whatever Kavanaugh was accused of could have been serious or may have deserved some sort of scrutiny, but that the FBI isn’t investigating and just passed the info to the White House in case it wants to act, which it most likely won’t.

In an article for the Washington Post, reporters Seung Min Kim and Elise Viebeck corroborated Zapotosky, also writing that “the FBI does not now plan to launch a criminal investigation of the matter, which would normally be handled by local authorities, if it was within the statute of limitations.”

Do you think Senator Feinstein has a genuine concern for something she had uncovered in reference to Kavanaugh’s background or was this another attempt to discredit or taint the process?  Let us know below.

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